Monday, September 28, 2015

The week where I cut all my hair off

This week was good, kind of a rough one I won't lie, but good quand même:)
We had the super great opportunity to go to zone conference and hear
from Elder Adler of the Seventy. Him and his wife were there and they
were so great!! I took stacks on stacks on stacks of notes, but
something that really hit me was when he talked about that we chose to
come on missions. No one forced us, no one made us fill out our
papers, but we did it. We signed our papers and we made the choice to
come and serve. I made that choice. Sometimes on missions you have
highs and lows and it's really easy to get down and ask Heavenly
Father why these things are happening when we are working so hard to
do this work. It's easy to think that the grass is greener on the
other side. But something I did today was made a list of all the
reasons I came on a mission/all the reasons I love being a missionary.
Sometimes we just need a little reminder on why we signed our papers,
when you're having a low week it's easy to forget why we came, but
with a little self reflection it's just as easy to remember:)

He also talked a lot about really focussing on the language. He talked
about how important it is that we can bear a sincere heartfelt
testimony in French that will touch others hearts. He even gave us the
challenge to bear testimony to our companion in French every morning.
He wants us to work so hard on the language that we remember it forty
years later! This is also something that really stuck out to me. I
think I'm not alone when I say that at the end of your mission it's
easy to just get complacent with where you are at in the language. But
I was reminded that there is always something new to be learned and
that it's something that we still need to work on every single day!!

It was a great conference. It was so good to be there with the Adler's
and of course President and Sister Brown. I love them a lot and I'm so
blessed to be guided by these incredible people.

So we had a super cool miracle this week!! We were out contacting and
we had planned the night before to have a miracle at 5:45. So we were
contacting on a bridge when we saw a man a little way ahead of us. We
were a little hesitant about talking to him but we did it anyway. We
talked to him about the temple and how we've received these ordinances
through a living prophet today. He was all over it! He was super
interested so we asked if we could fix a rendezvous with him. So we
got his number and fixed a rendezvous with him. At the end he was like
thank you for stopping me, I am looking for a church and maybe this is
a sign. So cool!!! His name is David and he's great! So here's the bad
news we made a goof and wrote his phone number down wrong!!! BUT he
has our number and he wrote down the rendezvous on a card with the
place and time, so we feel like he's serious about coming. So if you
could pretty please pray that he'll come to our rendezvous on
Wednesday at five o'clock that would be soooo great!
I have a testimony that God expects us to expect miracles. Something
we've been taught in our mission is to expect miracles. To plan for
them and to not live our mission without them. We planned a miracle
and it happened. I know that when we show God our faith he blesses us

So our amis, remember how I said that it had been a rough week? So
this week we had to drop a bunch of amis who just weren't progressing,
then Sophie came to church and handed us some cookies and said she
doesn't want to come anymore, and then Angela called us all
frustrated, said some stuff in Romanian and hung up. So yeah :/ so
yesterday I was pretty sad. But I know the Lord has a game plan. A way
better game plan then I have. So I'm going to trust Him on this one.
So we are starting at zero, we'll be knocking lots of doors and
pounding the pavement with contacting. But it's ok:) missionary work
is work right? I know the Lord has blessings and miracles in store for

I know He lives and I love Him. I love you all and I hope your week is
full of miracles!

Soeur Holmes

"For the faithful, our finest hours are sometimes during or just
following our darkest hours."-Neal A. Maxwell

I love being a missionary!

I cut 5 inches off my hair!!!!!

Beautiful Toulouse!

soeur Neff, soeur Alder, the Poitier soeurs and me

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