Monday, September 21, 2015

The week we got punked!!

Bonjour!! I home everyone is doing well and had a good week! This week
was really good, it was so jammed pack with stuff that by yesterday we
were exhausted, but in a good way:) it's always like a good

The week started off with an exchange with the Perpignan Soeurs! They
came to Toulouse and I was with Soeur Pelucchi. Soeur Pelucchi is from
Italy but has been living in France for the past 10 years and is just
awesome!! You wouldn't even know that she's only been in the field for
5 weeks, she's just an incredible missionary. I was really impressed
by her teaching skills and her people skills. She's just so good with
people and when she teaches them she just talks to them like they are
her friend. It was great:) she's also a bomb singer and she sings a
couple of songs on the efy cd (the French version) and they are so
good! She's just great all around!

This week we had district meetings! We had our district meeting
Wednesday and the Capitole Soeurs district meeting on Thursday. The
theme for the meetings was how we can be better planners. As
missionaries planning is KEY. As we were going through preach my
gospel and really talking about how we can become better planners I
realized that I haven't been planning as effectively as I can be.
We've been given so many tools so that we can make the best plans for
our amis, so we can really teach to their needs. Teaching to their
needs is so important, if I've learned anything on my mission it's
that every ami is different from the other. They all have different
needs, problems, etc. It's so important that we prepare specifically
for them and not just give them a generic watered down lesson plan
we've been using for the past couple of transfers. I'm definitely
going to work on being a better planner!

Angela! We were able to see Angela like 3 times this week and then she
came to church!! She's doing well:) she still has all of her problems,
but she's progressing slowly but surely. We have reset her baptismal
date for October 10th, we are praying that everything works out well:)
she came to church for the whole three hours yesterday and I was so
impressed. Nicolas (the baby) was being kind of a pill the whole time
but she was able to focus and I hope she got something out of it, it's
hard to get a lot out of church when you don't speak the language
super well. But he spirit is the same in every language so I hope if
anything she felt the spirit.

We visited the Bertola family this week and they are awesome!! Frere
Bertola is a convert and Soeur Bertola was raised in the church. Frere
Bertola met the missionaries through a friend and they gave him a BOM,
he read it in 8 days. Then he just showed up to church and asked to be
baptized! Haha every missionaries dream. That was 39 years ago, and
him and his wife are still going strong. I love hearing conversion
stories, it's cool to see how much faith they have and you can really
feel the power in their testimonies.

Ok are you ready for this story??? So on Friday we totally got punked!
Like Ashton Kutcher style punked. So we were on the metro heading to
an activity at the church and we hear two guys speaking English, well
we get off the metro and they keep saying, "sisters!" And trying to
get our attention, so we ignored them! Not because we were trying to
be rude, but usually when young guys are saying, "sisters!" They are
usually being creepy or making fun of us. So we keep walking and they
eventually catch up to us and say, "hey are you the Mormons??" So we
are walking to the church and they're asking us loads of questions
about Mormons, missionaries, etc. and we are answering all of them and
we even gave them a tour of the church! So we give them our card and
they leave. So we're feeling pretty accomplished! Two young normal
people are actually interested in the church! Well guess what???
THEY'RE MEMBERS!!!! They are in the other Ward so we don't know them
and they thought it would be really funny to play a joke on us.  It
was actually pretty good, they had us fooled!

So after getting punked we had an activity with the ja's! We made
cheesecake with them and they all loved it of course!! Then we talked
about the temple with them:) I really like talking to the young adults
of the church about the importance of the temple, I feel like they get
excited about it and they are the ones preparing for missions and
marriage so it's perfect!

Saturday we had a relief society activity in the morning and a
missionary fhe at night. The both of them were really good! We didn't
have a great turn out at the fhe but the elders ami came and some
members came and it was still good. We talked about preach my gospel
chapter 4, the power of the spirit in conversion, then we taught them
how to make American cookies and played games:) it was a lot of fun in
the end!

Oh! We also had interviews with President Brown this week! They were
through Skype because we gave a member of the seventy visiting our
mission this coming week. So yeah the interviews were super short, but
it was still good to be able to talk with president and get advice. He
really is inspired and I'm really grateful for him and Soeur Brown.

So for p day we were supposed to go to this really cool space museum
but like most other things in France it is closed on Monday:( sad
right?? So we decided to do a picnic instead! We all got Macdo to go
and took it to the park and had a picnic. This park isn't just any
park it's like a big kid park! It had this massive teeter totter and
this huge spider web thing that we climbed on. You bet your life we
played jump rope and swung on swings and played card games. Such a
simple P day but I laughed so hard I cried and felt like I was back in
elementary school. It was a lot of fun:) pictures and videos will be

Well kids that's it for the week! Sorry this email is kind of all over
the place, my brain has been kind of scattered lately. I love you all
and I hope your week is great!

Soeur Holmes

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart
of man [meaning we cannot even imagine] the things which God hath
prepared for them that love him” (1 Cor. 2:9).

Me and Soeur Wolfe on the giant spider web

The missionaries of Toulouse 
"pday in the park"

me and Soeur Pelucchi eating a Twix!!

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