Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Well today is a new transfer! Soeur Clancy and I are staying together in Lyon, no suprise there. I am officially starting my last 6 weeks as a missionary. Where did the time go? Today we went with Soeur Zenger to drop her off at the office and oh my lanta it was so sad! On a mission you become like family, you would think you would get pretty good at saying goodbye, but I never really mastered that skill:/ Anyway, I'm excited to start this last transfer, I plan on treating it like it's my first:)

We had a good week! So with all the crazy stuff that went down in Paris our mission got some new rules. We have to be in by dark, no metros or trains, no highly populated or sketchy areas, etc. The rules are great, but have made missionary work kind of hard because it takes a long time to get places on the buses, but ├ža va:) The most important part is that we are safe!

Highlights of the week!

President's P Day! Last Monday since it was the last p day of the transfer all the Lyon missionaries went to President's for p day. So fun. We all sat around and did nothing but I was so happy! It was a beautiful day so it was nice to just be outside and soak up the sun and spend time with everyone:) Also Soeur Brown is a bomb cook and made this amazing chilli. Yummmm.

Jonas! JONAS CAME TO CHURCH!! Yayayayayayay!!!! We were so proud of him:) He loved it and he was even able to get a blessing after to help with his health situation. He is progressing so well and we have high hopes for him to be baptized on the 12th of December:)

Sarah!! Ok so cool miracle. Last week we were calling people on our potential list and we came across someone named Sarah. Sarah is French and about 60. We called her up and she was so excited/surprised that we called her. Well this week we had 2 lessons with her and she is AMAZING. Over a year ago she was meeting with the sisters and almost got baptized. But due to health issues and family issues it didn't happen and she kinda just fell off the face of the Earth. She explained to us that she felt horrible for just kind of ditching out on the sisters so she felt ashamed to call them again. Well when we called she said she knew it was a sign that it was time to come back. Even  though it has been over a year since she has had lessons, she remembered so many things! Also she still has been keeping the word of wisdom! Isn't that awesome?? She told us that she knows this is what God wants and that she is coming back to stay this time:) If all goes well she will also be getting baptized on December 12th with Jonas:) OH and she came to church and LOVED it. It was the primary program so it was adorable and super spirit filled.

Soeur Meyer:) Soeur Meyer is our relief society president and to be honest she scares the crap out of me!! We kind of thought she hated us, but last Tuesday we went to her house for dinner with the elders and I think we softened her up:) She gave us chocolate peanut butter brownie mix, so I'd say we are friends! We were earlier to her house so we helped her do dishes, giving us some good old bonding time. She is incredible and does so much for the ward, she even gave us a whole list of less active women to visit. Score.

Ahmed's baptism!! Ok so Ahmed is the Val de Soane elders ami but also the coolest person ever. He knows all of us missionaries in Lyon and we all just adore him. He is like this big teddy bear and just great! He got baptized on Saturday and it was a really tender experience:)

Sunday was the primary program and I was in Heaven! The little kids were so adorable! It brought me back to the good old primary days:) I loved watching them sing and say their little parts, it was great. We also had 4 amis at church on Sunday and they were all just loving the program. It was a perfect week for them to come.

It was a great week! The Lord truly is blessing us. I'm grateful for our amis, our ward, the other missionaries, our families and friends back home, and so much more. I love this Gospel and I would be so lost without it. This is the Lord's work:) I hope you all have an incredible week! Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of food for me ok?? Love you!

Soeur Kira Holmes

Me and Soeur Clancy

President's  P-day

Ahmed's Baptism

Monday, November 16, 2015

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all of your prayers and emails. Don't worry about me, we are safe:) We are just being careful and not taking metros and being out when it's dark, but other than that we've pretty much gone back to normal. Please keep the people of France in your prayers.

So we had a good week!! It was kinda crazy and seems like a big blur but I'll do the best I can to tell you all about it!

P DAY!! It was Zone P day so we went bowling:) Let's just say that my skills haven't improved since last transfer haha I still stink at bowling. Soeur Clancy killed it and showed us all up!

Jonas! So we had an awesome Spirit filled lesson about prayer, scripture study, and obedience. He is so cute and took lots of notes as usual. He also told us all about what he is reading in the Book of Mormon. He's incredible. I always just want to give him a big hug and tell him how proud God and Jesus Christ are of him! The only struggle right now is getting him to church, his health is still bad and getting to church by 9 is hard for him. Please please pray for him. We keep having to push his baptisimal date back because he hasn't been to church yet. So yes prayers would be great:)

Christelle! So Christelle is actually the elders amie but she might be getting passed to us because of some stuff going on in her life right now. Anyway we helped her do some of her family history work! It was so fun:) She was so excited to put pictures on Family Search. She is just cool. Her story is cool because she wanted to do family history so she just showed up at the mission office one day and she has been seeing the elders ever since then. She has a lot of faith and is incredible!

Liliana! I don't know if I wrote about Liliana last week, but she is from Mexico and adorable! I love her:) Her Mom is actually a recent convert in Mexico so that is what got her interested in the church. We had a beautiful lesson about the temple and the importance of doing work for out ancestors. The Spirit was really strong.

Soeur Convert: She is the cutest little member from La Reunion:) We read a conference talk together and then did some grocery shopping for her. When we came back from the store she gave us the mini pineapple! It was too cute! haha

We saw Liliana again! We talked about the Restoration because she had some questions about the Priesthood. It was a good lesson and I think it answered some of the questions she was having.

Martha! We saw Martha and we've started the missionary lessons with her again:) We taught the Restoration and we brought the Elders in to talk about the importance of the Priesthood and why it is so vital to have the Priesthood.

Meyinjou's! They are a part member family in our ward who is lovely:) Her husband is taking the lessons from the elders so we went with the elders and talked about the importance of baptism! He said no to baptism for the moment but I really think he will one day. Then she fed us yummy pizza. Mmm:)

District meeting! We had a great district meeting!!! We talked a lot about the Temple:) I love the temple so much and I am so so so so so so so so excited to go when I come home. We are SO blessed to have a temple so close to us, we really need to take advantage of this blessing.
Then we started our exchange with the Annecy sisters, so I took a nice long bus ride to Annecy:)

I was on exchange with Soeur Nikka in Annecy. Annecy is about two hours from Lyon and it literally is so so beautiful. It's like this cute little fairytale city in the mountains! It was real cold but gorgeous so it was ok:) We actually ended up contacting most of the day, something I haven't done in a really long time; a full day of contacting. But it was actually really cool and we met some pretty incredible people. The thing I love about missions is just all the different people I meet from all walks of life. They all have such different stories and lives but the thing we all have in common is that we are all children of God. God truly does want every single one of His children to come back to Him.
Soeur Clancy and Soeur Castagno came to Annecy to switch back and oh my goodness I was SO excited to see Soeur Clancy!!! I had a lovely exchange, but we just missed each other so much and we were pumped to be back together! We talked the whole train ride home like we had been seperated for years. haha I love her a lot:)

Ok so this was the day we found out about all the stuff in Paris. We weren't allowed to take any public transportation so we walked for an hour and a half to get to the institute to teach our lessons:) haha it actually wasn't that bad! We saw Martha again and watched the Joseph Smith movie with her and she told us about what she is reading in the Book of Mormon:) It was nice!

Richie! Remember Richie?? He is our ami from Nigeria, we lost contact for a bit but we got back in contact with him! We talked about the Restoration and he seemed to get it, it's hard cause his english isn't great and he can't read but he got the idea. We'll be taking it slow:)

Ok this was the best part about Samedi! So we got done with Richie and we were going to walk the hour and a half back to the apartment but it was getting dark so we didn't think that was too good of an idea, so we called up the senior couple the Mahaffey's who live by the institute. The happily agreed to take us home but they totally fed us dinner first!! YUM! Nothing like good old grilled cheese, soup, ice cream and cookies to end off a crazy day:) I love them:)

Ok so President fixed this goal for our mission to have 200 amis at church on Sunday. So Samedi night we all went crazy and texted and called everyone in our areabooks inviting them to church. In our ward alone we had 13 amis at church and the whole mission we had 218 amis at church! It was cool to see us all work together to obtain this goal:)

Wow. Sorry that was really long. But a lot of stuff happened! I love you all and I want you to know how much I know with every part of me that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. He loves us and wants nothing more for us then to come back to Him and Heavenly Father one day. I love you all:) Stay safe and have a great week!

Soeur Kira Holmes

Challenge for the week: Read O Divine Redeemer by Elder Maxwell

Soeur Nikka and me in Annecy

Zone p-day 

The Fairy tale city of Annecy

me and Liliana

Monday, November 9, 2015

Martha's Baptism!!

You would think that after 16 months I would learn to write the big
email first and not last, but I haven't. Haha sorry this one might be
So we had an AWESOME week! I'll give you the highlights!

So remember Martha? She got baptized!!:) It was a great day! It was
cool because the missionary who contacted her on the street a year ago
was there, the sisters that started teaching her were there, and then
we were there!! It's really cool to see how much effort and love goes
into preparing someone for baptism :) she was beaming and it was
awesome! Then she got the Holy Ghost and it was beautiful. It's during
these moments that the Spirit is so strong:)

We had an AWESOME zone conference! First of all the Brown's has Master
Tacos brought in for lunch which is our favorite taco place in Lyon!!
It was so cool!! Then we had a beautiful zone conference. We talked a
lot about planning. President told us that "prayerful planning
precedes perfection." It's so true that when we truly pray to know how
we should plan our days and weeks, the Lord puts us in the right
places at the right time to help His children.
Soeur Brown talked to us about being prepared spiritually. We talked
about defending ourselves from Satan, surrendering our will to the
Lord, and putting our plans into action. We used her cute analogy and
had a massive nerf gun war outside the church. It was a BLAST! Imagine
60 missionaries with nerf guns. Too fun.

On Friday we ate lunch with the Tron family. You bet your life that
Soeur Tron was converted by the one and only Donny Osmond. Haha she is
now the fourth person that I've met on my mission who was converted by
that family. :) it's actually a pretty cool story. Her whole process
was like 10 years long. She has a pen pal in England who sent her a
book about the Osmond family. At the end of the book the Osmond's talk
about the church and give the address for the mission office in
England. So she wrote them and after multiple trips to America and
meeting that Osmond's several times she got baptized in Utah. The
whole story is more complex than that but still pretty sweet!! I love
them a lot!

Jonas! Doing great. His health is still bad and he still might be
getting moved from the refugee place he is living in but he is so
happy and loves the gospel and is progressing so so so well.
Eric! Eric is a testimony of the gospel changing lives. So Eric hasn't
seen his parents in two years. After reading in the Book of Mormon
about Nephi's family he really understood how important the family is.
So he prayed a lot and then went and saw his family that he hadn't
seen in years. He just gets it. He is applying the Gospel in his life
and really changing for the better.
The rest of the Amis are doing well and I'll give you a better update
next week:)

I love you all so much. You are great examples to me. Keep being
awesome. If you haven't read perfection pending by elder Nelson, go
read it. Really it's incredible. Have a great week!! Go out and see

I love you all!

Soeur Kira Holmes

Me and soeur Clancy

Me,  Soeur Zenger, and Soeur Hurd

Me, Martha, and Soeur Clancy

Zone Conference

Martha's Baptism

Me and Soeur Wallace

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and a surprise baptism!!

Ok so crazy stuff went down this week!! So at like 8 pm Friday night
the Stl's called us and said that Martha (their ami who is now our
ami) just showed up at the institute and still wants to get baptized
November 7th. Ok so back story. Martha was being taught by the Stl's
but she lives in our part of Lyon. She was going to move to their part
of Lyon but never did. Long story short, she got passed to the sister
equipe before us and then randomly went missing for a month, so she
never got baptized. Well Friday night she just appeared and still
wants to get baptized!! So we've been running around like crazy people
trying to organize a baptism in one week. She's only been to our Ward
once so we want her to be as integrated as possible. So we set up lots
of dinner appointments with members this week:) so if all goes with
her interview she'll get baptized Saturday:) Please pray that it all
goes well.

Other than that the rest of our Amis are doing well and progressing
well. Jonas is seriously amazing and just gets the gospel.
Unfortunately he's really sick so it's hard for him to come to church.
We're working on it though. Also since he is a refugee he might get
moved from the shelter in Lyon to a different one in another part of
France :( :( please please pray that he'll be able to stay!!!

Anne Charlotte:) she is one of our Amis who is so flipping cute. She's
like 22 and adorable. Problem, she lives with her boyfriend who is a
member. #lawofchastityprobs so we've been telling her for ages that if
she wants to get baptized that she has to find a new apartment. Well
Saturday it clicked. We taught her about the temple and how baptism is
just the beginning and she just sobbed. She wants to get baptized so
bad but she's so financially unstable that finding an apartment on her
own is difficult. It's sad. Personally I think she should kick her
boyfriend,because he is a member of the church and he knows that she
can't get baptized until they stop living together. And this poor girl
doesn't know these things. This is all new to her. Ugh. Sorry for the
rant. Anyway she is going to pray to find a solution and so are we.

Eric. Eric is dope. So sick. He was an old ami. We were randomly
calling people and we came across him. It's been months since he's
talked to missionaries. So we set up a rdv and it went so well. He
said he feels just like Joseph Smith. So lost and wanting to know
which church is true. He told us he felt like God wasn't answering his
prayers and then we called:) after we called he picked up the Book of
Mormon, something he hadn't touched in months and began to read. He's
awesome. I'm excited to keep working with him and hopefully he'll be
getting baptized in December.

The rest of the Amis are doing well. The work really is great here and
I feel really blessed to be teaching such great people who are
prepared for the Gospel.

Halloween was awesome. We had a really fun party that the missionaries
put on at the institute for the members and Amis. We had an AWESOME
turn out!! Seriously tons of people were there. It was great. Anne
Charlotte came with her boyfriend and Martha came as well. It was fun
to celebrate Halloween, wasn't quite the same but hey it was pretty

I think that's it:) the church is true friends. I am so blessed to be
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It's just
true. Have a great week and go out and share the gospel with someone!
Love you!

Challenge: read Perfection Pending by Russell M. Nelson

Soeur Kira Holmes
Me and Soeur Clancy

Happy Halloween from the Soeurs serving in Lyon!!

Look at all of the yummy food here in Lyon!


                                                                       Me and Soeur Zenger

Me and Soeur Clancy