Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and a surprise baptism!!

Ok so crazy stuff went down this week!! So at like 8 pm Friday night
the Stl's called us and said that Martha (their ami who is now our
ami) just showed up at the institute and still wants to get baptized
November 7th. Ok so back story. Martha was being taught by the Stl's
but she lives in our part of Lyon. She was going to move to their part
of Lyon but never did. Long story short, she got passed to the sister
equipe before us and then randomly went missing for a month, so she
never got baptized. Well Friday night she just appeared and still
wants to get baptized!! So we've been running around like crazy people
trying to organize a baptism in one week. She's only been to our Ward
once so we want her to be as integrated as possible. So we set up lots
of dinner appointments with members this week:) so if all goes with
her interview she'll get baptized Saturday:) Please pray that it all
goes well.

Other than that the rest of our Amis are doing well and progressing
well. Jonas is seriously amazing and just gets the gospel.
Unfortunately he's really sick so it's hard for him to come to church.
We're working on it though. Also since he is a refugee he might get
moved from the shelter in Lyon to a different one in another part of
France :( :( please please pray that he'll be able to stay!!!

Anne Charlotte:) she is one of our Amis who is so flipping cute. She's
like 22 and adorable. Problem, she lives with her boyfriend who is a
member. #lawofchastityprobs so we've been telling her for ages that if
she wants to get baptized that she has to find a new apartment. Well
Saturday it clicked. We taught her about the temple and how baptism is
just the beginning and she just sobbed. She wants to get baptized so
bad but she's so financially unstable that finding an apartment on her
own is difficult. It's sad. Personally I think she should kick her
boyfriend,because he is a member of the church and he knows that she
can't get baptized until they stop living together. And this poor girl
doesn't know these things. This is all new to her. Ugh. Sorry for the
rant. Anyway she is going to pray to find a solution and so are we.

Eric. Eric is dope. So sick. He was an old ami. We were randomly
calling people and we came across him. It's been months since he's
talked to missionaries. So we set up a rdv and it went so well. He
said he feels just like Joseph Smith. So lost and wanting to know
which church is true. He told us he felt like God wasn't answering his
prayers and then we called:) after we called he picked up the Book of
Mormon, something he hadn't touched in months and began to read. He's
awesome. I'm excited to keep working with him and hopefully he'll be
getting baptized in December.

The rest of the Amis are doing well. The work really is great here and
I feel really blessed to be teaching such great people who are
prepared for the Gospel.

Halloween was awesome. We had a really fun party that the missionaries
put on at the institute for the members and Amis. We had an AWESOME
turn out!! Seriously tons of people were there. It was great. Anne
Charlotte came with her boyfriend and Martha came as well. It was fun
to celebrate Halloween, wasn't quite the same but hey it was pretty

I think that's it:) the church is true friends. I am so blessed to be
a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It's just
true. Have a great week and go out and share the gospel with someone!
Love you!

Challenge: read Perfection Pending by Russell M. Nelson

Soeur Kira Holmes
Me and Soeur Clancy

Happy Halloween from the Soeurs serving in Lyon!!

Look at all of the yummy food here in Lyon!


                                                                       Me and Soeur Zenger

Me and Soeur Clancy

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