Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

So this week has been great! I love Lyon and I love Soeur Clancy and it is just going so well! I'll give you highlights of the week!

Jonas is so cool. So prepared. This past week we were able to see him twice and it was fantastic. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and also the temple. Both of the lessons he accepted so well. He loved the idea of baptisms for the dead and being able to be with his family for eternity. It was just really cool because we planned his baptism for November but he is going to be out of town for a couple of weeks so we will probably have to push it to December. But the thing that was cool was that how he talked about how important baptism is for him and how he wants to be prepared because he knows that what he is promising to Heavenly Father and he is even more excited to go to the temple! He is doing great. Please keep praying for him! Also lots of crazy stuff is going on with his family in Africa so can you pray for them as well?? Thank you.

So we have a new amie named Angela and she is awesome. She is from Nigeria so she speaks English. She is looking for comfort and belonging so I think that this is the perfect place for that:) We are excited to keep working with her!

Charles is fantastic. He is another new ami. We sat down in our lesson and I wasn't sure how into it he was. But he surprised all of us! We started talking about the Restoration of the Gospel and he expressed his desire to change and repent of sins. He said that he really wants to change and become closer to God. He committed to keep seeing us and work his way back towards Heavenly Father. I'm so excited about it!

We had Zone Training this week and it was great. We talked about the importance of keeping our lessons as simple as possible. When we teach, sometimes it is easy to get caught up and just kind of vomit everything we know onto our amis. But for a lot of people this stuff is SO new to them that it really is vital that we keep it simple so that they can understand. I love the quote in preach my gospel that says something along the lines of the Gospel should be taught in a way that it is simple enough for a child to understand it. The Gospel is so simple and so beautiful that it is so important for the people we teach to understand the simple truths of the Gospel.

So we had stake conference this weekend and it was SOO good!! Elder Homer from the Seventy was there and it was fantastic. There were many uplifting things shared but something I really liked was when Elder Homer shared the story about Peter walking towards Christ on the water. Peter was doing so good and then he got scared and started to sink. He called out for Christ to help him, so Christ reaches his hand down to pull Peter up and said to him " oh thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" So we have all heard this story lots of times. But it really touched me when he was telling it. So often we let our doubts get in the way of our faith. Peter was literally walking towards Christ, he could see Him. But still he doubted. Even when we are completely focussed on the Savior sometimes we still have doubts. But he said that in times of doubt we need to hold fast to our faith and keep the commandments. Simple things, but they work.

After the saturday session of general conference we went to get tacos with President and Sister Brown! It was SO much fun! I love spending time with them and I feel blessed to be guided by such great people.

Today for Pday we explored  Lyon and took lots of cute pics! It was a blast. I'll send those next week cause they are on Soeur Zenger's camera.

It was a good week! The work is really moving along here in Lyon and I am so excited to keep rolling with it! I  love this work and I love the Savior. I know He loves all of you as well. Have a great week!!

Soeur Holmes

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