Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! It was so fun to get to see your faces and talk to you, I'm glad you are all doing well!
This week was a lot of fun, Soeur Zenger and I really wanted to spread the Christmas cheer, so on Christmas Eve we got a bunch of candy and made little bags of candy with a He is the Gift card attached to it. We then sported our cute little santa hats and walked around downtown Poitiers and gave these little bags of candy to all the homeless people we saw on the street. We wished them a Merry Christmas and told them that God loved them. It wasn't a lot, but it was a really cool experience. We gave one to this one girl who looked about 20, she sits in the same spot on the sidewalk every single day. As we gave her the candy here eyes lit up and she said, "Merci! Merci beaucoup!" My heart felt warm and happy:) Also on Christmas Eve we went and visited a less active sister in the hospital, we sang Silent Night and her non member daughter joined in, the Spirit filled the room and even though their hearts are far away from the gospel I know they felt the spirit. As we were leaving the hospital, the daughter of our less active offered to give us a ride home, she wasn't even leaving she just wanted to give us a ride and then she was coming right back!! It was so nice, she isn't even a member but she had such a light in her eyes. I am so grateful for people like her who just open their hearts to the spirit.
Christmas Eve night was spent with Catherine our recent convert and our branch president and his family. I ate oysters and I don't want to talk about it. haha it was SO bad, I just about died. Soeur Z has some great pics, I'll send next time.
Christmas came, and we spent it with the amazing Meloen Family. They made us so much delicious food that I literally didn't eat for 2 days after that!! They are a family that really exemplify the Spirit of Christ, they have it with them always and it makes people want to be around them. It was such a fun Christmas, it was fun to see how others spend it and traditions they have. We ate Raclette which is my favorite French dish:) and they bought us scarfs, it was so nice.
Yazid is doing so wonderful! He came to church again like a champion and we were able to teach him twice. He just accepts EVERYTHING without hesitation. I can't get over how prepared this man is for the gospel. He is such a blessing in our lives and I am so happy he has made the decision to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ. OH he is also the nicest human ever. He bought us Christmas presents!! He got us a movie called The Son of God and he got me a Birdy cd! (no worries I won't be using these gifts until I get home haha) But it was so kind, and we are just amazed at the love he shows for everyone around him. He is such a blessing to us and the members of Poitiers.
I love you all! I hope you are making some goals for the new year, thinking of ways we can become more like our Savior. I love you, the gospel is true, and He lives. Have a wonderful week! Happy New year! And Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Soeur Holmes

Monday, December 22, 2014

"The two most important things are the Savior and Love"

             Merry Christmas from Soeur Holmes and Soeur Zenger

                                                                    Christmas Caroling

                                                 David Archuleta at our Christmas Zone Conference

                                                                            Zone Training


Wow this week has been interesting to say the least! First I would Like to send all my love to my amazing family at this hard time. Although I wish I could be with you all at Grandpa's funeral today, I know that he would not want me anywhere else but here right now. I love you Gramps, I know we will all see each other again. There is the sweetest lady in my branch here in Poitiers who gave me a little candle with a scripture on it, It said "For thou wilt light my candle, the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness." She gave me this candle on Saturday and told me that she had been thinking and praying about me all week, it was the sweetest thing. My Dad shared this quote by President Thomas S. Monson that I want to share with all of you,

Death eventually comes to all mankind. It comes to the aged as they walk on faltering feet. Its summons is heard by those who have scarcely reached midway in life’s journey, and often it hushes the laughter of little children. Death is one fact that no one can escape or deny.
Frequently death comes as an intruder. It is an enemy that suddenly appears in the midst of life’s feast, putting out its ...lights and gaiety. Death lays its heavy hand upon those dear to us and at times leaves us baffled and wondering. In certain situations, as in great suffering and illness, death comes as an angel of mercy. But for the most part, we think of it as the enemy of human happiness.
The darkness of death can ever be dispelled by the light of revealed truth. “I am the resurrection, and the life,” spoke the Master. “He that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.”
This reassurance—yes, even holy confirmation—of life beyond the grave could well provide the peace promised by the Savior when He assured His disciples: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
Out of the darkness and the horror of Calvary came the voice of the Lamb, saying, “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.” And the dark was no longer dark, for He was with His Father. He had come from God, and to Him He had returned. So also those who walk with God in this earthly pilgrimage know from blessed experience that He will not abandon His children who trust in Him. In the night of death, His presence will be “better than [a] light and safer than a known way."

On a lighter note, this week was actually pretty great!!! So do you remember Yazid?? I think I talked about him last week? Anyway, he is an ami that we found through the ancient potential list and he is SO cool. We had our first rendez-vous with him this week and it was amazing. He has zero religious background and came in so so open minded. So we start our rendez-vous by opening the Book of Mormon, we turn to the picture of Jesus Christ and start to tell him how our message is centered on Christ. We look up at him and he has tears in his eyes, we ask him how he is feeling and he says, "I just have these strange feelings, these feelings of relief, peace, and joy. It's like something has been missing my whole life and I just found it. I think I found it." I about fell out of my chair!!!! This man is amazing!! At the end of our lesson he said the closing prayer. This man was praying for the first time in his life. He offered the most beautiful sincere prayer I have ever heard. FASTFORWARD so we meet with Yazid again on Thursday and he shows up 45 minutes late to our rendez-vous, so we're like shoot, it was too good to be true. But he shows up and sits down and says, "Sorry I was late, I was buying you a gift to thank you for giving me such a great gift yesterday." WHAT. He is literally the best human I have ever met. We had an amazing lesson about the restoration of the gospel and it just clicked for him. We would be explaining something and he would be like, "ohhhh that makes so much sense!!" Yeah it does Yazid, yeah it does!!" I was pumped. OH and he wants to get baptized on January 24th. He's so cute about it, he'll be like "ok so when I become a member of the church on January 24th..." and he always asks if he can come to Utah to meet President Monson! I don't know what we did to get so lucky to have such an amazing ami, but the Lord truly is blessing us.

Friday was zone conference. And you better believe David Archuleta was there. I shook his hand. He is much smaller in person, like maybe 4 inches taller than me. BUT he sang like an angel and of course Soeur Z cried like a champ and it was great. President Roney gave us amazing counsel as always and I feel so blessed to have such an amazing mission president! He told us about an experience on his mission where he recieved a phone call from his father that his mother had just passed away from cancer. In the phone call his father told him what his mother said before she died. She told her husband and children that, "The two most important things are the Savior and Love." I love that, because it's true. And the greatest example of love is our Savior Jesus Christ. I love Christmas because we get to celebrate Him. It isn't  about the gifts, the lights, the candy, or even the tree. It's truly about Him. I am blessed to represent Him every day. I love Him.

Saturday was great as well, we had zone training. We talked about being grateful in our circumstances, which is not always easy. It's easy to get down when things are not going how we would like them to go, but it's important to find things to be thankful for even in the hardest situations. Saturday night we had a branch talent night and it was SO fun! Soeur Z and I sang a medley of French christmas songs and the rest of the branch did lots of random things. I was dying laughing. AND Yazid came and loved it! It was great!!
Sunday!! Soeur Z gave a beautiful talk about the Savior and I cried. And Yazid came to church! He wore a suit and tie and everything! Gash he is great. We taught him about prophets during amis class and he just understood it so well.

Well friends and family I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!! Remember the reason for the season, because of Him we have this beautiful holiday. I love you all, thank you for all your sweet letters and packages, I am one lucky missionary!!

John 3:16

Soeur Holmes

Ps: Big thank you for everyone who wrote a letter for the 12 days of Christmas thing my mom did, I loved every single letter! Thank you thank you!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

He is the Gift

This week was so good! We started off with an exchange, I went to Angoulême and Soeur Z stayed here. Funny story, so as we are leaving our apartment I tell Soeur Z that she should take the keys so I don't end up with them in Angoulême, and she's like oh just hand them to me in the elevator. So we both space and I end up in angouleme with the keys!!! So Soeur Z and soeur schrebier have to come allll the way to angouleme to get the keys:) whoops.
So this week we had a goal to teach 20 lessons. It's the standard of excellence for our mission to teach 20 lessons a week. It isn't impossible, but it's pretty stinking hard here to do that. But we really wanted to do it. And we did! By last night I was so so tired. We worked our tails off and we saw blessings from it. We talked to everyone, we approached people who didn't seem approachable. And we didn't stop until we reached our goal for each day. We got our 20th lesson at the train station on the way to a members house last night, we prayed with him on the platform and everything! It was so cool. We really can accomplish the "impossible" when we put all of our trust in the Lord.
We have a new ami! Her name is Francella and she is so cool. She's from Madagascar and has a little boy. We found her porting another ami's house and she was really interested to learn more. We've taught her twice now and she accepted the soft committment to be baptized! Now we're just working on getting a date for her! Please pray for her!
Julie is doing soooooooo gooood!!! I'm just obsessed with her progress!! So we had a lesson with her this week about baptism, her date is the11th of April and we're just like no that isn't gonna fly! So we taught her more about baptism and how important it is and at the end we asked her what she thought about moving her date to the 24th of January.. and she was like ummm no that's too soon and I'll be busy with school, I'm not ready, etc etc etc. We asked her what was holding her back and she told us how she just feels like she needs to be perfect. We testified hard core about how you don't have to be perfect and none of us will ever be perfect in this life. By the end of the lesson she told us that she would pray about the 24th of January!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she was like, funny that you picked that date because that's my mom's birthday! BOOM inspiration! I reallly hope she get's a confirmation about being baptized sooner, she's so ready, she just needs to believe in herself.
Aurech!! We watched The Restoration with him this week and talked a lot about Joseph Smith because that's what he struggles with the most, is knowing that Joseph Smith is a prophet. The Spirit was really strong and I think it finally clicked for him. When he was saying the closing prayer he asked Heavenly Father if the church was true and if Joseph Smith was really a prophet of God. In over 2 months of teaching him I have never heard him ask to really know if it was true. It was amazing, I know he'll get a response.
Funny story! So we we're teaching a lesson on the street on Thursday night and we get done teaching this guy and he's like "can I take a selfie with you??" haha umm sure?? It was slightly awkward/hilarious. We'll hopefully teach him again soon!
Saturday was district meeting and we got all the stuff for He is the Gift! FACT so for the He is the Gift they are giving all the missionaries pass along cards right. We'll the church didn't produce any pass along cards in French!! What the heck! It's French not click! SO since President Roney is the coolest human ever. He designed French He is the Gift pass along cards and printed about a bagillion of them and had the office elders drive all over the mission to give them to our district leaders! So cool.
Sunday was the best day of the week for sure. After church we practiced Christmas hymns to go caroling with the branch so that was great and then we went to the Descoubes house! They are a family in our branche and they are amazing! We took a train to their house and literally spent all day with them. We first ate really yummy food and then we helped them decorate their Christmas tree. For the first time, it actually felt like Christmas. It was so fun. And Frere Descoubes is blind. He has been blind since he was 16, but he is the most happy positive human I know. It's his job every year to put the star on top of the tree. I watched his daughter Sarah gently guide him to the ladder and help him up to put the star on top. I literally almost cried. After the tree was done we shared a Christmas spiritual thought and ate AGAIN!! After the drove us home. It was such an amazing day, I love that family and the love that they have for each other and the Lord. Their faith amazes me.
Well friends. That's it for the week! I love you all and I hope you enjoy this holiday season and truly remember that He is the Gift!!

avec amour,
Soeur Holmes

                                                                        District Meeting

                                               The beautiful Creche at the Descoubes House

                                                          Me with the Descoubes Family

                                           Frere Descoubes putting the star on top of the tree

                                                                 Me decorating the tree

Sunday, December 7, 2014


This week was a good one for a lot of reasons, but first because it was Thanksgiving! We had a great day, we had district meeting so that was really good and mostly we went around and said what we were grateful for and such. Throughout the week we all made a list of all the things we were grateful for and then put why next to each item. A lot of the time we know what we are grateful for but we need to take a step back and really ponder why. It was great. I'm so grateful for many things but the first thing on my list was my Savior. He did so much for us, without Him we would not be here in the first place let alone celebrating Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for His everlasting sacrifice, His love and patience with all of us. I feel incredibly blessed to be loved so much by someone, He knows us perfectly. Hand your troubles and problems to Him, He wants to help. I love my Savior.
After district meeting we went to a members house who LOVES america! We had turkey and kind of mashed potatoes and it was pretty good! I mean it didn't taste like mom's but it was good! OK story. So we walk into this members house and she has not one, but two giant dogs. Boxers in fact. Large dogs scare me. These two dogs just start booking it at me and I'm like freaking out and she gets them to stop jumping on me when all of a sudden these two dogs just start like attacking each other and getting super scary, so I literally book it out the front door with Soeur Zenger! She calmed them down and made them stay outside until we left:) It's pretty funny now, but kinda horrifying in the moment!
Aurech, ok so he didn't get baptized. Sad. So I was on exchange with one of the sister training leaders and within the two days we had two lessons with him and figured out that he really isn't ready. He still has a lot of stuff to figure out with some people in his life and he still isn't sure if Joseph Smith is a prophet. We talked about moving his date again to the end of december. He told us that he felt good about that and that he knows he needs to be baptized but he really wants to be ready. I was a little heartbroken, but I know that if he really puts in the work he'll be ready. It's just getting him to act that's hard. Please pray for him.
Julie is doing so well!! We taught her again this week. We talked about following the prophet and we showed her some mormon messages by President Monson, she LOVED them. She book marked them on her laptop and everything. She's progressing so well. I love the light that she has with her, I know that it will only be brightened as she continues to progress towards baptism.
So something else cool that happened this week was that we had the opportunity to have a member work with us all day on wednesday! Her name is Noemie Meloen and she is the cutest ever. She's 18 and preparing for her own mission. She wen't to all of our rdv's with us and went contacting as well. Her testimony is so strong and it was cool to have her with us, she kinda got a little taste of missionary life! When the day was over her mom drove us home and gave Soeur Zenger and I those cute chocolate christmas calendars! You know what I'm talking about?? Where you eat a piece of chocolate each day?? It was really nice of them.
On Saturday we had a really awesome day! It was the first day of the He is the Gift initiative that I told you all about. If you haven't gone and watched the video/shared it on social media do it now! So good!
We made a cute little Christmas questionnaire and talked to/watched the video with a bunch of people. It was really cool to see people in the Christmas spirit and for them to open up about why Christmas is special and how Christ is really the reason we have it. We talked to a woman on the bus and she said, "Today Christmas is all about the gifts and the decorations and the holiday, but it's about Christ, He is the reason." I'm glad people still believe that. He is the Gift.
I hope you all have a good week and go to that website! I love you!
Soeur Holmes
                                                                      Apartment view

                                                                     Me and Soeur Zenger
                                                    wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

                    gare aka train station in limoges. It's voted the most beautiful gare in europe

                                                                 Me and Laurence

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

David Archuleta is coming!!!


This week was a good one! We got in contact again with Aurech!! Praise the heavens above! So we are planning on baptizing him this Saturday, I keep praying all will go well. He says he wants to contact his family first and make sure they are ok with his decision. It made Soeur Zenger and I a little nervous but we hope he feels more at ease once he talks to them. I know that everything will turn out how it needs to. We jus have to have faith and really trust in Heavenly Father.

Julie is doing wondeful! And progressing so fast! We're almost done teaching her everything and her baptism is in April! I just keep praying that she'll move her date up. She's beyond ready. Our lesson this week went really well. She opened up to us about how she just doesn't feel "perfect" enough to get baptized. She was like "I'm trying so hard and doing my best, I just hope God knows I'm trying." We explained to her that she'll never be perfect in this life, none of us will be. But that God is happy with every small step we take towards Him. He never expects us to be perfect. I love this quote by President Uchtdorf, "We have all seen a toddler learn to walk. He takes a small step and totters. He falls. Do we scold such an attempt? Of course not. What father would punish a toddler for stumbling? We encourage, we applaud, and we praise because with every small step, the child is becoming more like his parents.
Now, brethren, compared to the perfection of God, we mortals are scarcely more than awkward, faltering toddlers. But our loving Heavenly Father wants us to become more like Him, and, dear brethren, that should be our eternal goal too. God understands that we get there not in an instant but by taking one step at a time."

I love that quote. We'll never really reach our full potential in an instant. It takes time, luckily we have a loving Heavenly Father who is always willing to hold our hand and walk with us if we let Him.

In that same rdv with Julie, we were finishing up when a man walked up to us in the library and said, "I know you! And I know that book!" I guess he used to meet with the elders, we asked if he had read it lately and he told us no, that it was too long and too hard. As he walked away I looked over at Julie, she looked kinda puzzled. She said, "That's too bad, I hope he understands one day before it's too late, but God is good." God is good and He loves all His children, even the ones who have gone astray.

So this weekend we had stake conference in Bordeaux and it was wonderful! That was the first time I've heard President and Sister Roney give a talk in French, it was really cool. It was really cool to attend a conference all in french, I was worried that I would have a hard time understanding but amazingly I understood most of it. The french is coming, slowly but surely! In the conference President Roney said about 3 different times, "Invite the missionaries over". It must have sunk in cause that night we got invited over by two different families for this week! There is something special about teaching members, it's hard to describe but I love being in members homes and teaching them.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!! So we had zone training this week and they announced that David Archuleta is coming to our mission for our Christmas Zone Conference! Cool right?? I mean I've never really been like a hard core fan but he has a nice voice. Soeur Zenger was pumped and literally started to cry, she's a big fan, so this will be goood :) Also at zone conference we talked about something really cool that the church is doing for Christmas! In about 2 days you can all go to and check it out! This video they are launching for Christmas is soo cool and we are going to be using it a lot this season to find new amis. The church is putting this video as the main banner on youtube the whole month of dec, so each time you go to youtube it'll be there! Which is awesome cause like the whole world is going to see this video! ALSO it'll be one one of the giant screens in timesquare in NYC the whole month too! The church is getting legit with social media my friends I am pumped.

This week was great! I'm so grateful for all of you and all your prayers, I feel them in my life. Have a great Thanksgiving and keep a list of what you are thankful for this week! I love you!

avec amour,

Soeur Holmes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The word that describes this week perfectly would be golden! Let me explain:)
So we have a golden investigator named Julie as I have kinda talked about in past emails. She is the best and progressing quickly. We had two really awesome lessons with her this week. We started teaching her the commandments so we thought we we get the two hardest ones out of the way first. We taught her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. And because she is so golden and amazing she accepted both of these commandments with such ease! She even bore testimony to us of how important she thinks they are and how she wishes that more of the world could live these standards. She is truly one of those people who are ready for the Gosepl. I always heard that there were golden investigators, but I never really believed it until we met Julie. ALSO we got Julie to pray aloud for us for the first time! She was so nervous, but she did such an amazing job and the Spirit we felt was incredible, I know she felt it to.
We saw the most beautiful miracle this weekend. As we were walking home from a long branch council I turned to Soeur Zenger and said, "let's contact a few more people on the way home." We were hungry and tired but it felt like the right thing to do. So we began and quickly didn' have much success. As we kept walking I saw a woman to my right and the thought quietly came to me, "contact her" so we did. We got through about 2 questions on the questionnaire when this woman looked down, and began to cry. She looked up at us and said "I'm sorry, it's just that you have something very strong with you." She continued to try to compose herself. Soeur Zenger and I just looked at each other and began to cry as well. We began to tell her why we were here and that the strong feeling she was having was the Spirit. We testified of the Book of Mormon and how Christ's true church has been restored to the Earth. As the discussion came to an end we fixed a rdv and parted ways. As we began to walk home with tears in our eyes, we looked down and realized we still had the Book of Mormon in our hands! We quickly ran to catch up with her. Once we caught up to her we gave her the book and again testified of it's importance. She said to us "well of course it's important, you ran back."
We walked home filled with the Spirit, we literally felt like we were floating. It was a miracle I will never forget. God loves His children. People are ready for this Gospel, we just have to watch for them.
On Saturday we had another "golden experience" with contacting! As we were approaching a bus stop we saw a woman standing there. I felt like I should talk to her but I kinda just pushed it aside. (never a good idea) She got on the same bus and the whole ride I wish I would have talked to her. Luckily for us she got off at the same stop and got on the same connecting bus we were getting on! We had to contact this lady! So we did. She began to tell us out of the blue that she had just lost her sister and she hoped there was a way she could see her again. We testified hard core about the plan of salvation and I just happened to have a pamphlet with me! She was really excited to hear about this message and we'll be seeing her again next week!
So some sad news, remember Aurech our ami who is suppossed to get baptized asap!! Well he kinda went MIA. We've been trying to get ahold of him all week, but his phone just rings and rings and then disconnects. We even went to his house, but he wasn't there. We left a note on his door but no response yet. My heart broke a little. We've been working so hard with him and he is ready to be baptized. I keep praying that he will show up again. Please pray for him.
This week really was golden. The work here in Poitiers is really expanding and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of it. The Gospel is true, I know that. We really are God's children. I love Him.
I love you all! I hope your week is great and that you can see miracles in your own life this week. They really are there, we just have to watch:)


Soeur Holmes

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hello my darling family!

Turns out I am staying in Poitiers for another transfer! This transfer is kinda weird cause it's only 4 weeks but then the next transfer is 8 weeks, that's just kinda how it worked out with the new people coming in and stuff.
So yes I am staying here and I got a new companion! Her name is Soeur Zenger and she is from St. Louis Missouri and we are already great friends. She is actually only 1 transfer older than me in the mission so we're one of the youngest companionships in our mission. We're excited to get a lot of great work done here. he probably has the most opposition out of anyone I have EVER met and it makes me so sad. He couldn't get baptized because our branch president was out of town and we didn't have anyone else to preside over the baptism AND we don't have a font here so we have to take a 2 hour train ride either to Angoulême or Limoges to get him baptized so that's also kinda frustrating. So we are praying to get him baptized this weekend because if it isn't this weekend it will be in December and he really can't wait that long with all the oppositon he is facing right now. Please pray that a miracle will come to pass and we can get him baptized ASAP!! He is so ready and his testimony is strong, it's just figuring out the small things now.

Julie:) she is our ami from Guadeloupe and she is the coolest person I have ever met. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ this week with one of our recent converts and it was so cool. The Spirit was incredible. She is literally a sponge. She soaks up everything we teach her so quickly. You know how you hear people talk about how there are just certain people who are ready for the gospel? Yeah, she is defintely one of those people. She knows how much happiness this will bring her and she picked a date to get baptized! She has chosen April 11 which is kinda far but we don't want to rush her at all. But we hope with time she'll realize that she wants to get baptized a little bit sooner. Also she came to church for the first time this Sunday and it was amazing. She was beaming from ear to ear and she had this light in her eyes, it was incredible. During out ami class we talked about eternal marriage. Our branch president was there, a recent convert named Catherine who is preparing for her own temple marriage in August, and 2 sisters from Bordeaux one of which just got baptized two months ago, her name is Sara. So we're having this great lesson and everyone is just giving great comments and Julie is just smiling and making great comments as well and it's just the best. And then it gets better. We felt impressed to ask Sara the recent convert to share her experience with her baptism. She got quiet, smiled and tears filled her eyes. She expressed how she had never felt this way before and that getting baptized was the best decison she had ever made and that she has never been happier. She was crying, I was crying, Soeur Caldwell was crying, we all were crying, and Julie was crying! The spirit was incredible and I knew in that moment that Julie knew it was true.

This week was great. So many blessings. It's always sad to say goodbye to people you care about, saying goodbye to Soeur Caldwell was really hard. She was my trainer/mom and I was so so so blessed to have such an amazing companion. She taught me more in 12 weeks than I could have learned in a lifetime on my own. They do say you progress and mature at a much faster rate on a mission; and I really saw that these past 12 weeks. So though I am sad to see her head back to America, I am grateful for all the laughs and life lessons I learned.

Have a good week everyone! Look for a miracle every day. There out there I promise:)

Soeur Holmes

Monday, November 3, 2014

Me and Soeur Wallace at Zone Conference

Zone Conference 

Soeur Caldwell and I dressed up like CATS for Halloween


Happy late Halloween everyone! I hope you ate lots of candy and did crazy fun things! Soeur Caldwell and I were (drum roll please) CATS of course! Everybody wants to be a cat! So we dressed up like cats, perched on just about every surface in our apartment and took some great photos! It was a great Halloween!

This week we had zone conference and man it was SO good. Elder Kearon is not only so wise but so funny! He gave us great council that I will use my whole life.
Something he really talked about was choices. In the scriptures a lot of the time or just in life we say things like "take courage" but he was telling us to start saying "choose courage" it is definitely a choice to have courage it is a choice to be happy or sad it's a choice to be lazy or work hard. Our entire lives are made up of choices, some more critical than others, but they are all choices in the end. I am grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who guides me to make the best choices I can. Our choices not only effect us, but the people around us as well, something we all know, but not something we really think about always.
He also taught us to "become the message" it's easy to say the message or preach the message, but it's hard to really become the message. To really practice what we are preaching.
It was such a great zone conference and I got to see a lot of familiar faces so that is always fun!

Unfortunately Aureche did not get baptized, he had to go to Paris for a family emergency. But he is on track to get baptized this saturday so please pray for a miracle that it will happen!!
On Saturday we went to Angoulême, because the sister's there had a baptism. This was the first baptism I have gone to in France and it was beautiful. It was so simple. The message was so pure. It wasn't about the food or the decorations, he didn't have anyone there for him besides us 8 missionaries and the bishop and I can't think of a more perfect baptism I have seen. The spirit was unreal and his sweet simple testimony was so strong. I love seeing people change their lives for this great message.

Sorry this email is short but those are just the highlights of this week! I included pics of Halloween and such! I love you all and I am grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you thank you. Have a great week!

Soeur Holmes

Oh you know you're a missionary when you call movie stars Elder Dicaprio hahahahah Soeur Caldwell did that yesterday and I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Kearon is coming to town!!!

Hello everyone!
I hope you have had a great week! This week has been so good. I mean it wasn't as intense as last week, but hey it's ok! You can't expect those kind of things every week!

So remember Aureche our ami who is getting baptized on Nov 1?? Well he is progressing super well! We had a little heart to heart with him trying to get him pumped and ready for his baptism! He is just worried that he isn't ready or that he won't be good at keeping the commandments. We promised him that as he really prays and has faith that everything will work out. He is still kinda hesitant, but I know that everything will be ok, even if he gets baptized on the 8th. Your prayers are appreciated:)

We also had another killer lesson with our ami Julie! She is AWESOME!! She is the one from Guadeloupe! (spelling for that anyone??) She is so cool. She is one of those people who is just so prepared for the gospel, she really just accepts everything we teach her and is so open and sincere. We taught her the plan of salvation this week, which is probably my favorite thing to teach people. She loved the idea of living with her family forever, she was like, I am going to teach this to my family. YES JULIE YES!!! She wants to get baptized, so we will be getting a date super soon! Stay tuned!

So a couple conférences ago Elder Kearon of the 70 gave a really good talk! Here is the link,
It was the one about stepping on a scorpion, ringing a bell for anyone?? Well he is coming to our mission to talk at Zone Conference! We are so excited to hear from a general authority! But something else crazy is that the assistants asked Sister Caldwell and I to sing a duet for Zone Conference! Talk about nerve racking!! Hopefully everything goes well! But mostly I am excited to hear Elder Kearon talk cause he has a cool accent:)

The rest of this week was filled with a lot of contacting and teaching lessons on the street. It was really good, it's funny because I actually really like street contacting! I kinda like just walking up to strangers and talking to them about the gospel, it's always interesting and it's cool to see people really open up.

I hope you all have a good week! I love you so much! This is the true Church. I'm sure.

Sister Holmes

While teaching Aureche, in the closing prayer I tried to say thank you for his faith which is "merci beaucoup pour sa foi" instead I said "merci beaucoup pour SON foi" which means thank you so much for his liver. hahahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

sushi night!


Hello family and friends!
This week has been chuck FULL of miracles! Multiple a day! It was the coolest week I have had on my mission thus far.
So last p day we went exploring and saw a bunch of really cool old things in Poitiers and then we went shopping for winter gear with a recent convert named Laurence! She is so cool and has such a strong testimony. But she helped us find some good stuff (yes mom I bought a coat) and then we went and got sushi with her after and just tried to strengthen her confidence. She is the only member in her family and she doesn't really have any friends, so it was good to spend time with her and just try and boost her up!
We had a really great experience with one of our recent converts Catherine and her soon to be husband Christian! They were only baptized like 4 months ago and are the coolest couple! They are adorable and just so in love and they are so stoked to get married in the temple! She talks about it all the time, shes like "When we get married in the temple on August 14th 2015 at 2 in the Swiss temple!" They are just so excited to be with each other for eternity and they both have really strong testimonies about the gospel. I am really excited for there future. Oh did I mention that they're like late 50's early 60's?? haha they are my favorite.
Later on Tuesday we were just out contacting and we met this really cool guy named Elias, we taught him the restoration and the whole time he just looked so happy and that what were telling him was like something he had wanted to hear for a very long time. We asked if we could pray with him and he's just like "yeah of course! I have never prayed, but I'd like to!" WHAT?!! That doesn't happen every day! So we are going to keep meeting with him once he gets back from vacation. In France people take reallllly long vacations randomly throughout the year for like 6 weeks at a time, luckily he'll only be gone for 2 weeks and then we can meet with him again soon!
We had a great lesson on the importance of prayer with our ami Erwan. The Melon kids taught with us and they are probably my favorite family in our branch! They are so cool and they have such a strong desire to share the gospel with others! So Erwan, he knows it's important, but he just has this weird reasoning behind prayer and that all of his thoughts are a prayer to God so he doesn't think he needs to actually pray. False Erwan. Hopefully he will grasp the concept as we teach him more.
THEN we had Soirée Sushi!!!!! So every wednesday night we have young adult fhe with our amis and the young adults in our branch and it's always the best thing ever! So remember our Chinese friend Songyu that we met on the bus last Sunday?? Well she came! And she brought her roommate Sophie! It gets better, then one of our young adults named Junior just met this guy at the bus stop and brought him along too! AND THEN our ami Ange who we haven't been able to meet with in weeks just shows up!!!!! So we had 4 amis and it was so cool!!!!! We all just made Sushi and had so much fun! Then at the end of the soiree we shared Alma 7:10-16 with everyone and we gave Sophie and Songyu a Bom in Chinese and they were so excited to read it! It was seriously the biggest miracle!
We contacted two really cool people who are super interested in the gospel and we set up rendez-vous' for this week with them!
Later that night we had another giant miracle with our ami Aureche! So Aureche has a baptisimal date for November 1. Like sooo sooo sooo soon!! And we just weren't super sure where he was at with his testimony cause he was just being kinda weird. But we were able to have an awesome lesson with him!!!! Good news is that he has a testimony and still wants to be baptized but he just "isn't sure yet" we promised him that as he keeps praying and studying that he will be ready cause HE KNOWS IT'S TRUE. We just keep praying that everything works out for him to be baptized in two saturday's! Please keep him in your prayers!
Had another miracle lesson with our ami Julie! She is seriously so cool and from the islands! She was just like "yeah there are so many churches and I just haven't found peace at any yet and then I heard about yours and I got really interested!" CAUSE IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha we had the best lesson and she just accepted everything we taught and she accepted to be baptized!! She was just staring at the Bom and just running her fingers over the leather, I got chills and just knew that she knew it was true. We'll keep teaching her and fix a date next time!
Saturday was kinda crazy! So we're on the bus heading to go see a member who lives kinda far and Soeur Caldwell turns to me and she's like "hey contact that guy across from you" and I was like "umm ok, it's kinda awkward cause the bus is SO loud and he has one of his headphones in..." but I just turn to him and I'm like "Excuse me, excuse me!" Finally he looks over and everyone on that bus is just staring at me and it was so awkward, BUT he was interested and we are going to teach him more next Sunday! It was really cool. I learned a good lesson that day about being diligent even when you just want to enjoy the bus ride and watch the sunset. If I wouldn't have contacted him we would have missed an opportunity to bring someone closer to the Savior, and that would have been really sad. I'm glad Soeur Caldwell followed that prompting and pushed me to do something even though I was a little nervous. The Lord is aware of all his children, I'm sure of it.
Not only was church amazing as always, but we had another miracle! On the way to church we just start talking to this guy on the bus named George from Russia. He has no family or friends and is just all alone. We started talking about the gospel and invited him to come to church with us right then! He was like "yeah I'll come!" So he came to church with us! We were able to teach him a little more with our branch president and he seemed super interested! We are going to meet with him again on Wednesday!
This week was truly a week of miracles. Heavenly Father blessed us so much. Those blessings come from being diligent and working hard. By the end of the week I was exhausted, but so happy. I love being a missionary. I love my calling even when it's hard and I am tired and hungry and sick of people saying no. Each time someone says no it's confirmed to me how true this gospel is. And each time someone says yes the same confirmation happens. How sad would our lives be without this amazing message. I am blessed to know that He lives and that His gospel has been restored to the earth today. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and he is guided and inspired. I love this church. I love all of you!! Thank you for your prayers, please pray for Aureche! Have a good week!

Sister Holmes

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best ice cream ever!!!

Bonjour ma famille!
So transfer calls came and I have been transferred to Poitiers! And let me tell you, it's GORGEOUS! And the best part is that Soeur Caldwell and I are staying together! We are white washing here in Poitiers, it used to be part of the Paris Mission, but now it's in ours and they haven't had sisters here in over 10 years!!! Crazy right?! So we kinda have no idea what is going on cause we are the only missionaries here, but I am sure we'll get the hang of things soon! I'm sad I won't get to finish watching Henriette progress to baptism, but I know she'll be in good hands.
So this last week was a tiny bit crazy haha but it was good! We did a lot of contacting which is pretty normal cause France, but it was a miracle week! We contacted so many people who were actually interested! That never happens. But we set up some really great rendezvous' but then we had to end up going to Pau from Thursday to Monday! So we didn't get to meet with any of the people we set up meetings with! Sad right?? But the new elders in Tarbes should be able to meet with all of them and take care of them!
So we spent from Thursday to Monday in Pau. We had district meeting and just a bunch of other stuff so it was easiest that we just spent the rest of the week in Pau instead of Tarbes. Pau is so pretty and big! Tarbes was pretty small so it was kinda fun to get a taste of a bigger city and to be in a place with other missionaries! So it was really great. District meeting was great as usual as we continued to learn how to be master teachers and to treasure up the word. We also practiced teaching the lessons which was good, cause I could use all the help I can get with French. And one of the best parts was that we had Taco Thursday! My district knows how much I miss Taco Tuesday so our DL decided that we would have Taco Thursday! Ahh it was so great!!
The rest of the week in Pau was great as well, we contacted quite a bit and actually found a new amie! Her name is Effigenie and she is from Synagogue and so cool. She just moved to Pau and was looking for some comfort and friends! (Know of any churches that offer that???) BOOM I DO!!!! So we taught her and she agreed to continue meeting with the sisters in Pau!! It was so great!
On Saturday we had Samedi Sport which is so fun!! It's where each Saturday they play soccer with their investigators and members in Pau. Ok let's all take a second to remember how good I am at sports hahahahaha Oh my goodness it was hilarious. I was wearing my Usu shirt so a bunch of the amies just kept saying "Utah!! Hey Utah!!" In their cute little French accents, every time I missed the ball or did something funny. It was so much fun and so great to meet so many cool people. Then that night we went street boarding with the Pau elders. Pretty much street boarding just means that you have a big board that says something cool on it about our church and you just contact EVERYONE. It was a lot of fun and we taught some great lessons. Then after we all went and got ice cream THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD at this cute little blue van behind this gorgeous cathederal. It was great.
Sunday we attended church in Pau and it was so good. Their ward was awesome and so cool! They even fed us after! We then just repacked a bunch of stuff to get read to head here to Poitiers!
We arrived here yesterday and I already love it! I guess when the branch found out that sisters were coming they just cheered and went nuts!! We have had so many members already call and text us to welcome us! I am so pumped to serve her. Today we had a lesson with a two recent converts Christian and Catherine! They got baptized a few months ago and are going to get married in the temple in a year! They are awesome and so kind! I actually understood most of what was happening in the lesson so that was great news! I can tell I will love it here.
Thanks for all you prayers and love and support! I am so happy to be here on a mission and to witness miracles all the time! Have a good week everyone and get ready for conference! I am so pumped!!
Love you,
Sister Holmes 

a week of many miracles

Wow this week has been INSANE. One, the mission is the absolute best, I would not want to be anywhere else but here. This is seriously the most life changing best experience.
So this week. It started off rocky, Soeur Caldwell was sick with the flu so 3 out of the 7 days we were in our apartment cause she was so sick, it made me so sad and I just wanted her to feel better so we could go out and do some work!! Studying from 8 am to 9 pm was just too much. haha you really know you're becoming a missionary when all you want to do is tell people about the Gospel, honestly being stuck inside was torture I just wanted to be out working!!
So once Soeur Caldwell was feeling up to par we got straight to work! I'll back up, so on Monday before she was sick we had a really cool FHE with one of our members named Blanca and her family. Her brother is inactive and the girl he is dating is also inactive and they are just kinda a mess so we taught them a lesson on The Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well! Blanca told us about a dream she had where she saw her whole family (none of them are members except her inactive brother) in Heaven and they were all in white and Christ was just saying "Come, come." Wow. It was so cool. It gave her a lot of hope for her family, maybe they won't except the Gospel now, but with time I think they will, even if it is not in this life. 
So that was great, now fast forward to Thursday. We went to Pau for district meeting, it's about a 40 minute train ride. And it is soooo pretty there. It's really close to Spain. Anyway district meeting was great and we talked a lot about what Elder Ballard taught when he came to our mission a few weeks ago, just really teaching simply for understanding and treasuring up the word. So that's exactly what we did and we saw many miracles.
Miracle 1: On our way back from Pau we were sitting on a bench at the train station when the women next to us said "excuse me, is this train going to Lourdes?" She said it in ENGLISH!! So we answered her question and asked how she knew we spoke english and she replied "I didn't I just kinda felt like you might..." So she is from Canada and is on vacation in Lourdes (look up Lourdes it is like world famous and has an amazing cathederal and people come from all over the world to see this giant cathederal and get healed by the holy fountain inside) so we got on the train with her and taught her the Restoration and we are meeting up with her in Lourdes this week to give her a Book of Mormon in English and teach her again!! So cool! It was so nice to teach a lesson in English, I felt like I could really express myself and the spirit was so strong.
Miracle 2:   So we have an amie (investigator) named Henriette and her daughter's family is in our Branch. When her daughter Soeur Bordieux joined the church like 20 years ago Henriette was really angry cause she thought we were just a weird sect (everyone here thinks that) but as time has gone on and her husband has died and her heart has been softened she doesn't think that anymore. So we took a train ride to her house to teach her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it! During the lesson she just sobbed and talked about how she know's this is true. She showed us the BoM that her friend gave her with a testimony written inside and she was like Yeah I want to be baptized!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! So we have officially engaged her to be baptized!! She just needs to finish the lessons, stop drinking coffee and she will be gold!! I am so pumped! It was a miracle indeed.
Miracle 3: We show up to church on Sunday and we walk into Sacrament meeting and this cute little blonde lady is like "Hi, I'm here for work from UTAH and I don't speak French could you translate Sacrament meeting for me??" It was so cool!!! It is a rare occassion to see someone from Utah who isn't a missionary! Now this one was a miracle because I was feeling pretty fed up with French this week, learning a language is a very humbling process, you just have to accept that you don't really know anything and rely on the Lord to help you teach. But I was feeling down and I was thinking I wasn't a good teacher and I wasn't really contributing cause I don't speak French all that well, but helping Jennifer in Sacrament was cool. I translated for a little bit and yeah it was not perfect but I know more than I think. I just felt peace and comfort. Heavenly Father is truly aware of our needs and really loves us so much. We can't do anything without Him. We need Him every hour to guide our path, whether we are on a mission or not. We can't do this alone. I love this Gospel, I love being a missionary, I love seeing people change their lives for the Gospel.
I hope you all have a great week and that you really reach out to as many people as you can! Thank you for your love and support! Love you!
Sister Holmes

Ps: I may be getting transferred so stay tuned.........
Everyone and their dog here drives a BMW it's like driving Ford in America haha
Everyone wears shirt's with English phrases on them that always sound so funny. For example "Your style is who you're." ummmm what. So funny. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lots of fun Pictures!!
Here I am!

Zone Conference

Love this place

Such a beautiful Country

week four in France "Zone Conference"

Ok so when you're a new missionary in France you're called "blue" I guess in some missions you're called a "greenie" no idea. But I only have one week left of this transfer! Can you believe it?? I'm technically still "blue" for the next transfer too but hopefully by next transfer I'll have a better hold on things haha
This week was great! We had Zone Conference! We had 4 different zone's there and it was awesome! Elder Ballard came to our mission, but he spoke in Geneva so we didn't get to be there physically so at zone conference we got to watch it! It was so great, he reminded us the importance of teaching for understanding and to remember to teach simply. The Gosepl really is so simple and I feel like as missionaries we like to over complicate it sometimes, but it really is so simple. President and Sister Roney also spoke to us and man can I just say I have the best mission president ever. Like really he is so cool! He says things like, "are you tired of being wimpy?? Put on your game face smile and go to work!" I love it. It's so true, this isn't an easy mission, not is any mission easy by any means, but everyday I just have to forget myself and go to work. Because this isn't about me. It's about bringing others to Christ, you never know who you might touch.
So I went on an exchange this week in Montabon and it was great, it is really cool to see how other missionaries work and their different techniques and styles. It was really fun and it was beautful! We taught a Tahitian family and they were so cool, the wife was a member but he wasn't and I just had the strongest feeling that he would except the Gospel someday. He was so nice and seemed really interested in what we were teaching. He even said the prayer! It was so cool. We also taught another woman named Caty, she just called the missionaries one day and said "Hi yes I would like to be baptized!!" WHAT. That is not something you see everyday, especially in France. But she was so cool, we visited her in the hospital cause she might have cancer and is really sick. We testified that even though she is sick now, that one day she will be resurrected perfectly and everything will work out and she will be healthy. She just started to sob. The spirit was so strong. It was a miracle for sure, I testify that miracles exist today; I witness them. They aren't always big, but they exist. It was really cool.
When I got back from my exchange Soeur Caldwell and I did a lot of less active and recent convert work. Our branch has a lot of those so we are trying to just help them strengthen their faith and remember WHY they got baptized in the first place. They all know it is true, they just need a little push ya know. It breaks my heart to see people turn away from the thing that will make them the absolute happiest if they would just let them.
I love being a missionary everyone. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I thought I was somewhat humble then I came on a mission and realized I was wrong. Before my mission I wasn't a bad person by anymeans, but on a mission you really learn to rely on the Lord and just be so humble, this work isn't for the proud. I've learned I need my Savior every second of every day. He's the one working miracles here, not me. It's just really humbling to know that we are nothing without Him.
The Gospel is true. 100 percent true. I love it. Thanks for all you do!! Have an amazing week!
Soeur Holmes

Saturday, September 13, 2014

week three in france: MIRACLES

Bonjour!! Wow time is flying here in Tarbes! Seriously. Ok everyone imagine how hot it is in like the middle of June.. that's how hot it is here! We in the South ma friends and it is HOT. I also discovered that I have curly hair?? Humidity does that. Anyway this week has been full of good things!
So on Tuesday we did an exchange with the Sister Training Leaders and it was awesome! I was with Soeur Luthi, she is from Cali and is returning home this transfer! She is such a good example to me and I defintely learned a lot from here. We had a goal that day between the other equipe of sisters and our assistants to fix 8 rdv's for the week and we did it!! So cool!! We also had a really great lesson that day with our amie (investigator) Julio! He had a baptisimal date but could not stop smoking, BUT he has been coming to church again and meeting with us twice a week so he is on the road to success! Also on Tuesday our DL gave us blessings and it was amazing, I am so grateful for the Priesthood, it said everything I needed to hear and more. Heavenly Father is os aware of our circumstances, we are blessed beyond measure.
Wednesday we went porting and had a lot of really great conversations with people, met some nice atheists haha they are always funny to talk to. So we mostly just contacted all day and it was really hot but it's weird cause I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to keep talking to people; like accept the Gospel already gash. 
Thursday we traveled allllllllllllllll day to Lyon so I could become legal! You are looking at a legal citizen of France my friends. 
Friday we got to Lyon and it was 1000 day! We combined with the Paris mission and every 30 minutes from 9 am to 9 pm we stopped and prayed that between our two missions we could find 1000 new people to teach. It was such a cool experience to be so unified with everyone for an amazing cause.
Saturday we traveled back to Tarbes and as soon as we got off the train we got straight to work! We met with Frere Pho like we do everysaturday for juice and a spiritual thought and it was great as always, if I could have half the faith this man has I would be GOLD. I have never met anyone with so much Faith. Then we saw a miracle qfter Frere Pho's. So we had a lesson with Julio but we were running late and so we texted and called him but he didn't reply, so we show up at the church 35 minutes late and he gets there at the exact same time!!! It wasa miracle, we taught the Restoration to him again and even though my french struggles hard core I know the spirit was there, and really the Spirit is the one teaching, not me. So that was a really cool experience! 
Sunday was great as well, my first fast sunday in France!! The branch gave some awesome testimonies and Soeur Caldwell and I taughtSunday school! We taught the first chapter of Preachez mon Evangile and it went really well, the branch struggles a lot and I think this will really help them by learining from Preachez mon Evangile. After church we took a train to an outer ville to teach an amie, but she didn't show.. not shocking cause it happens everyday here haha you just have to get over it and move on. So we went ot a members house in that ville to study while we waited for our train. Their name is the Polteau family, Soeur Polteau served a mission in England so she speaks english really well. They are awesome members and I always learn a lot from them. 
Well sorry that is really long but it was just a great week!! We have a train to Toulouse in an hour so I am out of time, I love you all. This Gospel is true. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. God will never leave you alone, He loves you far too much. Serve someone this week, and smilleeeee. Love you!!!
Soeur Holmes
Also read the New Testament cause its bomb

Monday, September 1, 2014

week two in France

Bonjour ma famille! 
Wow this week has been so good! Like a lot better than the first week for sure! It's defintely still really hard, BUT I am beginning to more fully understand what it means to be a missionary.
So this week was good, we had Zone Training in Bordeaux and that was a blast cause I got to see a lot of my mtc friends! So good! The thing with zone training or district meeting etc, means that we have to travel for a couple days at a time, which is kinda fun/annoying cause I'm like I JUST WANT TO TEACH ALL THE WORLD. haha but it's good:)
So we saw miracles this week! Soeur Caldwell and I prayed for a miracle annnd we got not one but TWO! So we were out contacting when we both had the strongest feeling to stop this women, so ze did. Her name is Selestina and she is so cool! She is going to college here and is jsut really open and willing to listen. That is something that is hard to find here, no one wants to listen to two teenage American girls talk about religion. It especially doesn't help that they thing we are Jehovahs Witnesses (french is messing up my english sorrry) JW's are everywhere here. Anyway so we are going to teach her next week!
Then about 10 minutes later we met this women named Sonia and she is just the best. She is this little old lady from Italy who is searching for the Gospel. She said she has been praying to know if God is there and aware of her, HE IS. We testified of eternal families and she just got so excited and said she hoped it was true because she really wanted that for her and her family especially since her dad has passed away! She has also been to an LDS church before, but she just didn't know that it existed here! So we are going to teach her next week too! 
I know that the Lord is so so so aware of us and our situations! I have felt His love so much this past week. Through sincere prayer and faith anything is possible. He loves us so much!
So some fun facts about France:
1. Everyone smokes, way gross
2. Everyone has a dog, dog poop is EVERYWHERE
3. French treats are the best
4. French people take a second to warm up to you, but once you get them talking they are so nice!
I love you all and I am grateful for your love and support! Garde la foi!
Soeur Holmes

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First week in France!

Wow words can't describe this week! Disclaimer: French keyboards are weird so I am just warning you ahead of time for all the typos this email will have haha
It's been a tough week. On a mission you feel the highest highs and the lowest lows. But we choose to be happy, miserable, scared, sad, etc. Of course this is hard, I would never expect it to be easy, but it's the Lord's work and it's really important. 
I don't have a lot of time so this will be quick! France is really pretty and different. No one here believes in God, which is so strange. And everyone smokes it's way nasty haha I am in an area called Tarbes pronounced Tarbe. It's cute and for the most part people seem to be friendly! My comp is Soeur Caldwell and she is also really nice!
The best thing about this mission is the branch! They have so much faith and it's really hard to be a member here, some travel hours to get to church. They are amazing. 
We are teaching a family right now who is progressing really well, I know they'll get baptized:)
I have so much to say but I am out of time. I love you all and if I didn't reply to any of your individual emails know I am sorry and that I love you and I'll reply next week! You are amazing. Keep the faith!

Sister Holmes

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

She made it!!

After a long day and night of travel she finally arrived In Lyon!
President and Sister Roney sent a picture of her with them when she arrived .