Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First week in France!

Wow words can't describe this week! Disclaimer: French keyboards are weird so I am just warning you ahead of time for all the typos this email will have haha
It's been a tough week. On a mission you feel the highest highs and the lowest lows. But we choose to be happy, miserable, scared, sad, etc. Of course this is hard, I would never expect it to be easy, but it's the Lord's work and it's really important. 
I don't have a lot of time so this will be quick! France is really pretty and different. No one here believes in God, which is so strange. And everyone smokes it's way nasty haha I am in an area called Tarbes pronounced Tarbe. It's cute and for the most part people seem to be friendly! My comp is Soeur Caldwell and she is also really nice!
The best thing about this mission is the branch! They have so much faith and it's really hard to be a member here, some travel hours to get to church. They are amazing. 
We are teaching a family right now who is progressing really well, I know they'll get baptized:)
I have so much to say but I am out of time. I love you all and if I didn't reply to any of your individual emails know I am sorry and that I love you and I'll reply next week! You are amazing. Keep the faith!

Sister Holmes

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

She made it!!

After a long day and night of travel she finally arrived In Lyon!
President and Sister Roney sent a picture of her with them when she arrived .

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pictures, pictures and more pictures!!

week 5

France Bound On Monday!
Holy cow I have no time today because I was replying to a lot of mission stuff from Pres and Sister Roney. So sorry that this isn't going to be very long!
How are we all doing?! I hope everyone is happy and doing well. Thanks for your letters and packages this week, I am one spoiled missionary!
This week has been so good! I honestly feel like I got here yesterday and now I'm leaving. I'm way sad to leave everyone but I am pumped to get to work in France! I know they need us there and I am just itching to talk to them about the Gospel! 
This week consisted of a lot of studying, prayers, and teaching. And it was great! We have invited Michel to be baptized twice now and he finally said "probably" so that's better than no! He has made so much progress in just 5 weeks. I can't wait to see what it's really like in the field. 
We also had the amazing opportunity to sing in sacrament this week. Our district sang Come thou fount and it was bomb. The spirit was so strong and people in the audience were crying. I love sharing my testimony with music, I hope I will be able to do that in France:)
We went to the temple for the last time today for 17 months. It was amazing. I'll miss it so much. Go as much as you can for me!
That's honestly about it for the week. Just a lot of last minute preparations to leave on Monday. Sorry this is short. I know the Gospel is true and I know that if we are obedient to what God has asked of us we will be blessed in so many ways. I know He loves us and cares about us so deeply. I am so grateful to be a missionary!!!
Love you all! Next time you hear from me, I'll be in France!!

Soeur Holmes

Funny story:
So French is really hard sometimes and sometimes you try and say things and they come out soooo wrong. We were practicing French in groups in class and I tried to ask and Elder in my district if he wanted to be with his family forever, but I accidentally asked him if he wanted to be with ME forever!! So funny. We were all dying. Gotta love learning a new language:)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

week 4

Bonjour ma famille et amies!
This week has been a good one! I can't believe I am leaving the mtc in just less than 2 weeks! What?! It honestly feels like I got here yesterday! Where does the time go? The mtc has been such a great experience for me! I have learned and grown so much in just a small amount of time! I am loving it here, I kinda don't want to leave! But I do cause France needs some Sister Holmes up in there life! 
This week has consisted of a lot of hard core studying. I mean we are always hard core studying but this week was insane. I have never studied so much in my life. French is crazy hard, but it is coming along quickly so that's good. I know I'll get to France and it'll get 10 times harder, but that's ok!
So we taught Michel and Bridgette this week and all of our lessons went fabulous!! Even though they are not really investigators, I feel like I am addressing their needs and concerns as a person and it's really cool. Making sure we teach with the spirit is so so vital! We cannot teach without the Spirit, because we are not the teachers here, we are just the instrument in the Lord's hands. It's so cool to be part of this great work. I love being a missionary! It makes me sad to think I only have 17 months left!! 
So this week I have been thinking about Patriarchal blessings a lot this week and how they bring so much comfort and guidance to our lives! I encourage everyone to read over their blessing this week and really just ponder the blessings it promises you. I find something new every time I read mine:)
We've been doing this thing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday called "English Fast" it's where we can only speak French all day! It's really hard, but really cool. It forces you to try. Which is something I kind of struggle with sometimes, I get frustrated and just give up sometimes, but we can't do that! We have to keep trying and keep pushing forward, even when it's hard! Whenever we English fast we always end up saying things so wrong and we use a lot of Franglais. It's pretty funny. 
On Sunday Soeur Baggs said the prayer at our devotional so we both had to sit on the stand! Kinda scary, cause I really didn't want to fall asleep! She did great though as usual, I love being her companion!
So yesterday it poured buckets in Provo so during gym time we just ran through the rain, it was a blast, it was our pre p day party:)
Sorry this is kind of all over the place, but that's about it for the week! I love you all and I love being a missionary. I know He lives and loves us and wants us to be happy on this Earth. The Gospel is the key to happiness in this life and the next. We are so privileged to be part of this wonderful Gospel. Reach out to someone this week. Invite a friend to an activity or church! You never know what it might do:) Be safe, do something crazy, and I love you all!
Soeur Holmes