Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Well today is a new transfer! Soeur Clancy and I are staying together in Lyon, no suprise there. I am officially starting my last 6 weeks as a missionary. Where did the time go? Today we went with Soeur Zenger to drop her off at the office and oh my lanta it was so sad! On a mission you become like family, you would think you would get pretty good at saying goodbye, but I never really mastered that skill:/ Anyway, I'm excited to start this last transfer, I plan on treating it like it's my first:)

We had a good week! So with all the crazy stuff that went down in Paris our mission got some new rules. We have to be in by dark, no metros or trains, no highly populated or sketchy areas, etc. The rules are great, but have made missionary work kind of hard because it takes a long time to get places on the buses, but ├ža va:) The most important part is that we are safe!

Highlights of the week!

President's P Day! Last Monday since it was the last p day of the transfer all the Lyon missionaries went to President's for p day. So fun. We all sat around and did nothing but I was so happy! It was a beautiful day so it was nice to just be outside and soak up the sun and spend time with everyone:) Also Soeur Brown is a bomb cook and made this amazing chilli. Yummmm.

Jonas! JONAS CAME TO CHURCH!! Yayayayayayay!!!! We were so proud of him:) He loved it and he was even able to get a blessing after to help with his health situation. He is progressing so well and we have high hopes for him to be baptized on the 12th of December:)

Sarah!! Ok so cool miracle. Last week we were calling people on our potential list and we came across someone named Sarah. Sarah is French and about 60. We called her up and she was so excited/surprised that we called her. Well this week we had 2 lessons with her and she is AMAZING. Over a year ago she was meeting with the sisters and almost got baptized. But due to health issues and family issues it didn't happen and she kinda just fell off the face of the Earth. She explained to us that she felt horrible for just kind of ditching out on the sisters so she felt ashamed to call them again. Well when we called she said she knew it was a sign that it was time to come back. Even  though it has been over a year since she has had lessons, she remembered so many things! Also she still has been keeping the word of wisdom! Isn't that awesome?? She told us that she knows this is what God wants and that she is coming back to stay this time:) If all goes well she will also be getting baptized on December 12th with Jonas:) OH and she came to church and LOVED it. It was the primary program so it was adorable and super spirit filled.

Soeur Meyer:) Soeur Meyer is our relief society president and to be honest she scares the crap out of me!! We kind of thought she hated us, but last Tuesday we went to her house for dinner with the elders and I think we softened her up:) She gave us chocolate peanut butter brownie mix, so I'd say we are friends! We were earlier to her house so we helped her do dishes, giving us some good old bonding time. She is incredible and does so much for the ward, she even gave us a whole list of less active women to visit. Score.

Ahmed's baptism!! Ok so Ahmed is the Val de Soane elders ami but also the coolest person ever. He knows all of us missionaries in Lyon and we all just adore him. He is like this big teddy bear and just great! He got baptized on Saturday and it was a really tender experience:)

Sunday was the primary program and I was in Heaven! The little kids were so adorable! It brought me back to the good old primary days:) I loved watching them sing and say their little parts, it was great. We also had 4 amis at church on Sunday and they were all just loving the program. It was a perfect week for them to come.

It was a great week! The Lord truly is blessing us. I'm grateful for our amis, our ward, the other missionaries, our families and friends back home, and so much more. I love this Gospel and I would be so lost without it. This is the Lord's work:) I hope you all have an incredible week! Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat lots of food for me ok?? Love you!

Soeur Kira Holmes

Me and Soeur Clancy

President's  P-day

Ahmed's Baptism

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