Monday, November 9, 2015

Martha's Baptism!!

You would think that after 16 months I would learn to write the big
email first and not last, but I haven't. Haha sorry this one might be
So we had an AWESOME week! I'll give you the highlights!

So remember Martha? She got baptized!!:) It was a great day! It was
cool because the missionary who contacted her on the street a year ago
was there, the sisters that started teaching her were there, and then
we were there!! It's really cool to see how much effort and love goes
into preparing someone for baptism :) she was beaming and it was
awesome! Then she got the Holy Ghost and it was beautiful. It's during
these moments that the Spirit is so strong:)

We had an AWESOME zone conference! First of all the Brown's has Master
Tacos brought in for lunch which is our favorite taco place in Lyon!!
It was so cool!! Then we had a beautiful zone conference. We talked a
lot about planning. President told us that "prayerful planning
precedes perfection." It's so true that when we truly pray to know how
we should plan our days and weeks, the Lord puts us in the right
places at the right time to help His children.
Soeur Brown talked to us about being prepared spiritually. We talked
about defending ourselves from Satan, surrendering our will to the
Lord, and putting our plans into action. We used her cute analogy and
had a massive nerf gun war outside the church. It was a BLAST! Imagine
60 missionaries with nerf guns. Too fun.

On Friday we ate lunch with the Tron family. You bet your life that
Soeur Tron was converted by the one and only Donny Osmond. Haha she is
now the fourth person that I've met on my mission who was converted by
that family. :) it's actually a pretty cool story. Her whole process
was like 10 years long. She has a pen pal in England who sent her a
book about the Osmond family. At the end of the book the Osmond's talk
about the church and give the address for the mission office in
England. So she wrote them and after multiple trips to America and
meeting that Osmond's several times she got baptized in Utah. The
whole story is more complex than that but still pretty sweet!! I love
them a lot!

Jonas! Doing great. His health is still bad and he still might be
getting moved from the refugee place he is living in but he is so
happy and loves the gospel and is progressing so so so well.
Eric! Eric is a testimony of the gospel changing lives. So Eric hasn't
seen his parents in two years. After reading in the Book of Mormon
about Nephi's family he really understood how important the family is.
So he prayed a lot and then went and saw his family that he hadn't
seen in years. He just gets it. He is applying the Gospel in his life
and really changing for the better.
The rest of the Amis are doing well and I'll give you a better update
next week:)

I love you all so much. You are great examples to me. Keep being
awesome. If you haven't read perfection pending by elder Nelson, go
read it. Really it's incredible. Have a great week!! Go out and see

I love you all!

Soeur Kira Holmes

Me and soeur Clancy

Me,  Soeur Zenger, and Soeur Hurd

Me, Martha, and Soeur Clancy

Zone Conference

Martha's Baptism

Me and Soeur Wallace

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