Friday, September 11, 2015

Tender mercy!

First week of the transfer, done. Seriously the weeks are going by
faster and faster! I don't have a ton of time today so I'll give you
the highlights!

Remi! Remi is doing well! He's progressing so much better than before.
He used to ask a lot of questions that aren't really relevant but now
he asks pretty good questions! We asked him to be baptized on the
third of October! He said he would pray about it and let us know. I
pray that Remi takes this important step and follows the example of
his Savior. Oh! He came to church! He only stayed for Amis class and
like 30 minute or sacrament, but hey it's a start.

Sophie! So Sophie is doing well! Last time we saw her she said her
week was bad and she just seemed really down. Well she showed up to
church this week super smiley and happy! Also last time we taught her
she was in alma 22 and now she's about to start Helaman! She just like
was not progressing, but I feel like she's actually starting to
progress now! She even asked when general conference is! I'm so
excited about all of it. Please pray for her that she will keep up
this new attitude.

Angela! Things were going real bad. But now we might get to start
teaching her again! We have a lesson this week and we're just going to
really have a heart to heart about everything that's going on right
now in her life and hopefully we'll be able to pick up where we left
off so she can get baptized before the end of the month:)

Tender mercy! So we were on the bus going to church when we ran into
this woman who I had contacted a couple weeks before on the bus going
to church. We had been calling this woman trying to fix a rdv for a
couple of weeks with no response. Well we saw her on the bus and she
apologized for not calling back, that she had been really busy with
work. But she said that after September 15th she would love to see us!
She used to have the missionaries over every week when she lived in
Madagascar. And her uncle is a member. So cool!
Sorry this is so short, but most of our week was spent on trains/ in
Lyon for mission leadership council. MLC is always so good. The Browns
are incredible and so inspired. This Mlc was kind of intense. We
talked a lot about rules and policies that we use as missionaries. As
missionaries it's so so important that we are exactly obedient. It was
a really good reminder that we need to be giving our very best for the
Lord. We can always strive to be better, it was a nice reminder for
myself. It's super easy to get complacent, but the Lord needs our very
best. And when I think about it, 18 months is just a very small price
that I pay for all He did and does for me. I'm so grateful for my
I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!
Soeur Holmes
Challenge: read "beware of pride" by Ezra Taft Benson. It's like real
intense but real good.
A "Hurd" sister sandwich!

me and Soeur Zenger

me and Abby (Soeur Wallace)
My MTC Companion :)

Me and Souer Brown

reunited with some Elders and Sisters from Cannes and Nice

My MTC homies

Me and Soeur Neff

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