Monday, August 31, 2015

Staying in Toulouse!!

Salut! Well transfer calls came and I am staying in Toulouse! I will be receiving my new companion Soeur Nef! She's from California and a whole foot taller than me, we will be quite the companionship! Soeur Stapley is heading to Nice! It's a bittersweet moment when someone you really love leaves. I learned so much from Soeur Stapley and I'll miss having her by my side. But I'm also excited to learn lots of things from Soeur Nef! It should be a good transfer:)
This week was slightly crazy. In different ways. Monday was zone p day! We went to this place called Toulouse Plage and played beach volleyball together. My volleyball skills are still as bad as ever but I can officially serve it over the net! Progress my friends. Haha it was super fun and we all had a really good time together! Then Mondaynight we started our exchange with the Perpignan sisters. I was with Soeur Staples. We went and visited Angela. It kind of ended up being a crazy lesson. She has just gotten home, Nicolas was hungry and crying, she was trying to cook dinner, her mother in law kept interrupting, and everything was just going bad. She told us how she's been talking with a "prophet" who told her if she joins the Mormon church that she's a horrible person etc, etc. Every missionaries worst nightmare. It's in these moments where I realize that I literally can't control anything. I just have to try my best and leave the rest to Heavenly Father. We left discouraged but hopeful that she would read the law of chastity pamphlet and pray for the next rdv. Then we tried to find a less active but got kind of lost and almost missed the last bus of the night, but hey we made it!
Tuesday was such a cool day! It was a full day of back to back rendezvous! It's been a long time since that has happened. It felt so cool! We started the day off with teaching this man named Remi who had met with missionaries before. He's just really discouraged right now. He believes in God but kind of feels abandoned because he isn't getting responses to his prayers. But he's willing to try again, so we're excited to see where this goes. After Remi we headed to the church to meet Tya. So Tya actually referred herself! She's friends with a member in our Ward and she's writing a book. Her main character is Mormon! So she wanted to know what we believe from the real source. Alors, she called us! It was a cool rendezvous, we talked about a lot of different things. Mostly just answering her questions and such. I don't think she's actually interested in joining a church, more curious if anything. But super willing to learn and listen so that was really cool. If anything she has a better idea of who we are and what we believe. We're going to see what we can do about actually teaching her:) stay tuned. After Tya we had such a good rdv with Lien! She's the really cute girl from Vietnam that I told you about last week. She's so cute! She's Buddhist but not practicing. She was so curious thought and our lesson about the Book of Mormon went really well. We committed her to read and pray. I think she had a lot of potential and I'm really pumped to see where it goes with her. Whoo! Quite the day! We ended the exchange we these really yummy raspberry chocolate p√Ętisseries. I'm seriously considering opening up a boulangerie in America because I don't know how I'm going to exist without them. Overall it was a good productive day! Soeur Staples is a great teacher and really hard working.
Wednesday! We had district meeting. So we went to half of our district meeting and then half of the Capitole soeurs district meeting. It was cool to see how the two different district leaders took two completely different approaches for district meeting. Our district meeting was all about  the power of the spirit in conversion. It was such a cool meeting! In Preach My Gospel there is a a part where it talks about the spirit in conversion and what a member must feel, a missionary must feel, and investigator must feel in the process of conversion. Then he had people share from their different point of views how they felt. For example an elder who is a convert shared his experience (investigator) another elder shared his experience helping convert a friend (member) and I shared my experience with Yazid (missionary) it was so cool! It was really neat to hear the different points of view and no matter what role you play each piece of the puzzle needs the spirit in the process of conversion. In the other district meeting we talked about how even though we are doing this big temple project we can't forget all the other great tools we already were using before. It was good to have a little reminder of all the wonderful tools the Roney's gave us, now it's time to incorporate those with all the new tools that President Brown has given us. I feel so blessed to have been given two amazing mission presidents to guide us in this work.
Thursday was great! Haha well it started off not so great:( we went to do soeur Stapley's legality in albi. We got to albi and realized we had forgotten her passport! And so we get there anndddd turns out that her rendezvous isn't for a month. Whoops. So we went back to Toulouse and did a lot of less active hunting, which was fun. Then we had the Capitole Soeurs sleepover because transfer calls were Friday morning. We did the usual Tim tam slams and bible prophesies to prepare ourselves for the transfer calls. Haha it was fun!
The weekend consisted of packing and visiting less actives and members. We were able to go to this really far place called foix Soeur Chautard who has a less active husband. We went with Soeur ducrocq and we took Soeur Chautard to get ice cream. She told us her conversion story and we talked about the importance of the temple. It was great. I love talking about the temple!!  Their is such a special spirit that comes along with it. Also!! So when I was in Tarbes there was this great family named the Polteau's, well they showed up in Toulouse on Sunday! They might be joining my Ward! It was so cool to see them!
It was a good week. This transfer went by fast but slow. I can't believe I'm starting my 10th transfer as a missionary. It seems like yesterday that I arrived in Tarbes, not speaking a lick of French. Haha weird how fast time goes. I'm so grateful to be a missionary! I love this work and I love the Lord! I love you! Have a great week!
Soeur Holmes
Challenge: read "the touch of the master's hand" by Boyd K. Packer

                                                              Saying good-bye to Soeur Stapley

Zone p-day

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