Monday, April 20, 2015

The Gospel is simple

So this week was really great!:) The week started off with a killer exchange in Nice with my home girl Sister Wallace! It was SO great to work with her. It was just really cool to see how much the both of have changed and grown since the mtc. It was a great exchange and she is a great example to me of a really great missionary. She gives it her all and she does it with love and a huge smile:)
Wednesday we had District Meeting! I always love district meetings, but this past meeting I really learned a valuable lesson! So pretty much our whole district meeting consisted of role plays. To be quite honest I do not like role plays, I've always kind of thought they were a waste of time. So I heard we were doing role plays and I was like great. So me and Soeur G start doing a first lesson with our zone leader/fake investigator Fran├žoise:) This role play wasn't anything special or spectacular but it really reminded me the importance of teaching simply for understanding and really teaching according to the needs of the ami. As missionaries sometimes we get so caught up in just teaching all the doctrine and getting it all out on the table, or not teaching simple because we finally got comfortable with the language, just little things. But this role play really brought me back to my roots, the basics. It was a reminder that I needed. We need to be teaching simply enough that even a child could understand it. I think the basics are the basics because they work:) The Gospel is simple so our teachings should be also.
Thursday we had an exchange with the Montpellier sisters! They both came to Cannes so there were 4 of us working in our area. I was on exchange with Soeur Andersen, she's from Denmark and this is her second transfer in the mission, a little baby bleu:) but she is great! Such a killer missionary and her french is rocking! On our exchange we had a really great lesson with Ludivine and one of our members named Laeticia who just got back from her mission 6 weeks ago. We took the lesson slow, and we just really explained the Bom to her and the importance of it. She promised to read it and is reall interested to continue learning more about the Gospel. Baby steps, but we are getting there! She literally is so awesome, she has this light about her that is incredible, I can't wait for her to just see the happiness the Gospel brings:) Later that night Soeur G and I went to visit a less active named Elodie, ok ya know Eva Longoria (totally spelled her last name wrong but you know who I am talking about) anyway Elodie looks JUST like her. Like they are the same person. Elodie is fantastic! 35, two kids, went to BYU, her dad is the patriarch, but for some reason she's "on and off" about the church. But she said "maybe one day I"ll come back, we never know" I think she really does want to come back, but her husband isn't a member so it's hard. But I really want to work with her cause I think they have a lot of potential:)
Saturday was the baptism of the elders amis Elizabete and Leony. A mom and daughter! We all fasted together that Leony would be able to get the permission of her father to get baptized, and guess what? She did:) Fasting works my friends. The Lord truly does answer our prayers. My testimony on the law of the fast was really strengthend this week as I saw this super cool miracle come to pass. The baptism was beautiful and us the missionaries sang Nearer my God to thee:) The Spirit you feel at a baptism is just incredible.
Yesterday was GREAT! Ludivine came to church AND our other ami Pascal came!! It was a miracle! It was really cool to have them there. They both really liked it and want to come back next week as well! Ludivine even said she is going to bring her mom!! #miralces
Today for p day we went to a ville called Grasse, they are known for their perfume! We went to a little museum and just explored, it was super cool!
Ok folks well I am out of time!! I love you all and I hope your week is great! The Lord loves you!
Soeur Holmes
 Me and Soeur Wallace (my MTC companion)

Brother and Sister Burton

Me, Soeur G. and the Elders

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