Monday, April 27, 2015

Crazy week, but so good!!

This week was a crazy one! But so good!! I really don't have a lot of time today, so I'll give you the highlights!
1) Super SICK lesson with Ludivine! So we went over to her house to get Soeur Gerritsen's hair cut, her situation is really different from other people I've taught. Mostly because she doesn't really know we are teaching her haha let me explain. SO she likes coming to church and talking with us but she isn't like crazy willing to join a religion. BUT she is really having a hard time right now and needs friends and she considers us her only friends. So whenever we see her, we teach her obviously but it's a slow process. So she loved church! And when we went to her house we asked her if she had any questions from church, she said that the only question she really had was "why was everyone calling it the true church??" It was such a golden question! We explained to her the Restoration of the Church and the Spirit was really strong. She wasn't exactly sold on it, but she said she needed some time to really think about what we had told her. We told her the only way she could really know was to pray. She told us that it's really hard to knowwhat church is the "true" one since there are SO many. We again encouraged her to really pray and ask God what church is true, we assured her that if she asks, she will get an answer. I hope and pray that she does, because she is so so awesome!!
2) GREAT lesson with Pascal! We  had a really good lesson with Pascal on Tuesday about the Book of Mormon. He's like reallly Catholic, but I think we could change that:) he talked a lot and asked good questions. He told us he thinks that it could be true but he would need to pray about it as well. Prayer is the key.
3) We had great less active lessons  with our 2 favorite old ladies Soeur Fily and Soeur Rouby. I love them! The only reason they are "less active" is because of their health. But they really are so cool and I love reading the scriptures with them.
4) last but not least would be the mission conference in Lyon!! It was seriously SO cool to have a conference with the entire mission!! All 250 of us:) Oh we didn't get our ipads but we should be getting them soon! The conference was really great. First off, we took an 8 hour bus ride Friday night from Nice to Lyon and it was such a party. Our zone was on the bus with another zone and we all just bonded and it was so fun! Then the conference was Saturday and we had the privledge of having Elder Kearon and Elder Nielsen of the Seventy with us. Our conference was about the ipads but more about how we the missionaries are still the messangers we are still the instruments in the hands of God, but the ipads are just a tool to help us do our work. It was really great and it was a blast to see all my friends!!
5)Sunday we went to church in Nice and it was just great!
Ok I'm super out of time but I love you all and I can't wait to talk to you in 2 weeks! I love you all and have a great week!!:)
Soeur Holmes
Soeur Wallace, Me, and Soeur James

The District

Me and Soeur Zenger

Selfie of  me and  Elder Barnes
 K town swag!!!!

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