Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All over the place

Wow this week has been all over the place! I'll try and collect my thoughts so this email makes sense:) haha

So we went and saw this awesome family named the Borgogno family! Frere Borgogno was living in Canada doing his studies when he met the missionaries there. His cute wife to be was living in France and she had no idea that he got baptized into our church! Luckily she converted to and now they are like in there 70's and like the happiest coolest couple ever. When I'm old I want to be them:)
We went and saw the Ashton Family tuesday night. They are from Arizona (shout out to my homie Sista Barton!) and like less less less active. Frere Ashton served a mission in Hong Kong, but as of like 12 years ago just completely left the church. No one really knows why. I guess it was like deep doctrine stuff? Anyway it was a miracle that we were able to go to their house cause I guess they never let missionaries come over. So we went over and it was literally so sad. They just don't have the light of the Gospel in their lives anymore. And the thing that makes me the most sad is they know exactly what they are missing. But they won't come back. All they talked about was all the fancy trips they have been on, and instagram, facebook, money, etc. It's all that matters to them now. We left their house and I cried on the bus ride home. The Gospel is literally the most important thing, and I want so badly for them to find it again. We're going to work with them  and get to the bottom of this!!:)

COOOOOOLEST MIRACLE! So we had our first meeting with our ami Claude who we have been trying to get ahold of forever! We taught him the restoration and he literally agreed with everything! He was like,  "this just makes sense! Of course it happened like this!" I almost died. #golden I asked him if he thought it was true and he told us yes. He also said he has been reading the Book of Mormon every day that the other sisters left him with. He said he would like to be baptized! Now we just have to fix a date! Such a miracle!!
Wednesday night we saw Soeur Fily who is less active. She's so great. She's always so annoyed when we just show up at her house but by the end of the visit she was just giving us tons of bisous' and telling us how glad she was that we came. I love her and she showed up at church on Sunday so that was really cool!

Thursday I hit my halfway done with my mission mark! CRAZY! I feel like I left yesterday and it makes me sad to think it's half over. So we went and saw Ludivine on thursday! Halfway done with a mission calls for a little haircut so she cut like 4 inches off my hair! ah! Then we sat down with her and explained to her why we are here as missionaires and a little bit about the church. She said she loved the picnic because everyone was so happy and nice. She was like french people just aren't like that! She was so amazed by how happy the members were that she like wants to "hang out" with them again! She told us that she really wants to learn about what makes them so happy:) spoiler alert! It's the Gospel:)

We were able to see Ludivine again! We got ice cream with her and gave her a Book of Mormon with out testimonies inside of it. We're kinda taking baby steps because she has heard a lot of "weird" things about Mormons so we're trying to show her we are normal. She was really touched by the Bom and she is coming to church with us next week! She really just wants to surround herself with positive people with good values. I think she's found the right church:)

haha oh la la Soeur G and I were practically lost ALL day! We decided to go find a bunch of old amis but we literally ended up walking through like a jungle! It was great though and we laughed a lot and met a lot of cool people along the way! Including a couple from englad! The husband served his mission here in the 60's! So that was really cool to meet them!

It was fast sunday and I love fast and testimony meeting. French people have so much faith. they amaze me every single day. So I translated for the first time ever on Sunday! There is a girl in our ward from Utah who is nanny in Cannes for 3 months! She doesn't speak any French so I translated all the meetings for her, I was so nervous but it went good and I hope it all made sense:) Then we had a ward meal and it was so fun to get to know people better! I love these people, they are so warm and I'm getting attached so I better not get transferred!

Sorry that was kinda long and not terribly exciting! I didn't email yesterday cause we moved apartments! So mom I'll get you the new address when I know it. Our old apt was just not in good condition so we switched with the elders. We cleaned ALL day yesterday but now it's all good:) Ok well I love you all and I hope your week is great! You are all great! The Lord loves you:) Always turn to Him. Good times, bad times, He is there.

Soeur Holmes
                                                                        Seour G.  and  me

       Half way mark!!

                                                            Me, Soeur G. and Ludivine

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