Monday, October 12, 2015

Craziest transfer yet!

So get ready for this. I got transferred. I left Toulouse and I am now
in Porte Des Alpes (Lyon), I'm white washing here, and I'm training!
I'm having a baby!!!!:) I'm feeling lots of emotions. But mostly
excited to start this new adventure.

So this week was great! I'll give you the highlights!
Hamid!! We have a really cool ami named hahmid and he's great. I think
I told you about him last week, but he's just progressing so well!! We
had a really good lesson about the plan of salvation. He accepted it
really well and said he would pray this week to know if he should get

Samuel! So a couple weeks ago we met a guy named Samuel on the street
and we talked about the temple and the family. He was interested so we
got his number and set up a rdv. So we had this rdv and he was on
time!! Haha this is rare people. But the best part is that he brought
his seven year old son. :) He was so interested and loved our lesson
about the BOM. He has so much potential.

Angela. We saw her and cleared up a lot of confusion! We talked about
why we need the Book of Mormon and the bible and how the two complete
each other. She still struggles with accepting the fact that we do
indeed need the both, after showing her some scriptures in the BOM and
the bible she was a little bit more open to the BOM being the word of
God. She's progressing surely but slowly. :)

We did two exchanges this week!! One in Perpignan with Soeur Staples
and one in Toulouse with Soeur Tibbitts! They were great and I love
both of these girls so much. They are such good examples to me. The
best part about being an Stl was just being able to learn from such
amazing sisters. I'm grateful for their examples. If anything they
taught me more than I think I ever taught them.

Sorry that this email is kind of short but I'm out of time. I'm sad to
leave Toulouse, but I'm excited for this new adventure. I love you all
and I hope you have a great week!! Love you!!

Soeur Holmes
The Sordes

Me and camille

Me, Soeur Neff, and our zone leaders

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