Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First week in Lyon

It's been a good week! It was kind of stressful, but good! It's been
quite the adventure! Brand new place, brand new companion, needless to
say it's been quite the adventure:) we haven't been too lost though!

So the week was crazy! So Monday I got to Lyon and pretty much just
hung out with Soeur Hurd and Zenger and it was a blast!! Tuesday
consisted of helping the stl's teach their lessons, and lots of street
contacting! Then the zone leaders took all of us trainers out to pizza
that night!

Wednesday I finally got my baby bleue!!! She's so cute!!! Her name is
Soeur Clancy. She's from Scotland and the cutest thing ever. She is
just so chill and happy and works so hard to speak French and she is
doing great. Then after we all went and visited this beautiful
cathedral together. It was so pretty, I love France. Then Soeur Clancy
and I were able to go contacting together! She just jumped in with
both feet. And we had a really cool miracle! We talked to this girl
named Clemence and let me tell you, she is so prepared to receive the
gospel! We started talking about the family and the temple with her
and she just burst into tears. She started talking about how her Dad
just passed away and how us telling her that she could see him again
gave her a lot of hope. So then of course I start crying as we
testified about eternal families. I'm so grateful for the gospel and
the knowledge that we have that this life is not the end.

Thursday we got all moved in to our new apartment. Home sweet home:)
then some of the elders gave us a tour of Lyon so we wouldn't be
completely lost all the time. Haha later that night we had our first
RCM (aka missionary coordination meeting) and out Dmp (Ward mission
leader) is soooo cool and so into helping us! I can tell this transfer
is going to be a good one!

Friday we had a great lesson with out ami Jonas. He is so prepared. We
talked about the retab with him and it all just clicked and he
accepted everything. He's all set up to get baptized November 21st:)
please pray for him!
Also we have this super cool recent convert names Laura that we met
with! She's so cool. Like just the best. Young, funny, so nice, speaks
English. A real gem. We had a lesson with her about service and it
went really well.

Saturday we had quite the rendezvous! We went and ate lunch with a
family in our Ward named the Venet family. They may or may not have
kept us there for 3 hours. Holy cow. So much food. Poor Soeur Clancy
didn't know what was coming! Haha they were so nice though and really
welcomed us into Lyon.  Then we were able to attend a baptism for one
of the sets of elders (by the way there are 26 missionaries in Lyon.
26. So many) it was so cool! I love love love going to baptisms and
seeing how happy these people are when they come up out of the water.
They always have the biggest smile on their faces and you just know
that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are just beaming up above. It
was great!

Sunday! First Sunday's are always an adventure. But the Ward was so
nice and welcoming so it was good! Then we had a lesson with out ami
Anne Charlotte. She's so cute. She loves the gospel and is already
bffs with all the young adults. Only problem is that she's living with
her boyfriend, so we're working on that. Other than that she's great!!

It was a good week! Exhausting. Every night I went to sleep exhausted
but so happy. I love Lyon, I love Soeur Clancy and I love being a
missionary! It's the best job ever and I love being able to serve
Heavenly Father's children here.

Have a lovely week!! And keep your eye out for miracles. I love you!!

Soeur Holmes

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