Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The word that describes this week perfectly would be golden! Let me explain:)
So we have a golden investigator named Julie as I have kinda talked about in past emails. She is the best and progressing quickly. We had two really awesome lessons with her this week. We started teaching her the commandments so we thought we we get the two hardest ones out of the way first. We taught her the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. And because she is so golden and amazing she accepted both of these commandments with such ease! She even bore testimony to us of how important she thinks they are and how she wishes that more of the world could live these standards. She is truly one of those people who are ready for the Gosepl. I always heard that there were golden investigators, but I never really believed it until we met Julie. ALSO we got Julie to pray aloud for us for the first time! She was so nervous, but she did such an amazing job and the Spirit we felt was incredible, I know she felt it to.
We saw the most beautiful miracle this weekend. As we were walking home from a long branch council I turned to Soeur Zenger and said, "let's contact a few more people on the way home." We were hungry and tired but it felt like the right thing to do. So we began and quickly didn' have much success. As we kept walking I saw a woman to my right and the thought quietly came to me, "contact her" so we did. We got through about 2 questions on the questionnaire when this woman looked down, and began to cry. She looked up at us and said "I'm sorry, it's just that you have something very strong with you." She continued to try to compose herself. Soeur Zenger and I just looked at each other and began to cry as well. We began to tell her why we were here and that the strong feeling she was having was the Spirit. We testified of the Book of Mormon and how Christ's true church has been restored to the Earth. As the discussion came to an end we fixed a rdv and parted ways. As we began to walk home with tears in our eyes, we looked down and realized we still had the Book of Mormon in our hands! We quickly ran to catch up with her. Once we caught up to her we gave her the book and again testified of it's importance. She said to us "well of course it's important, you ran back."
We walked home filled with the Spirit, we literally felt like we were floating. It was a miracle I will never forget. God loves His children. People are ready for this Gospel, we just have to watch for them.
On Saturday we had another "golden experience" with contacting! As we were approaching a bus stop we saw a woman standing there. I felt like I should talk to her but I kinda just pushed it aside. (never a good idea) She got on the same bus and the whole ride I wish I would have talked to her. Luckily for us she got off at the same stop and got on the same connecting bus we were getting on! We had to contact this lady! So we did. She began to tell us out of the blue that she had just lost her sister and she hoped there was a way she could see her again. We testified hard core about the plan of salvation and I just happened to have a pamphlet with me! She was really excited to hear about this message and we'll be seeing her again next week!
So some sad news, remember Aurech our ami who is suppossed to get baptized asap!! Well he kinda went MIA. We've been trying to get ahold of him all week, but his phone just rings and rings and then disconnects. We even went to his house, but he wasn't there. We left a note on his door but no response yet. My heart broke a little. We've been working so hard with him and he is ready to be baptized. I keep praying that he will show up again. Please pray for him.
This week really was golden. The work here in Poitiers is really expanding and I feel incredibly blessed to be part of it. The Gospel is true, I know that. We really are God's children. I love Him.
I love you all! I hope your week is great and that you can see miracles in your own life this week. They really are there, we just have to watch:)


Soeur Holmes

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