Monday, November 3, 2014


Happy late Halloween everyone! I hope you ate lots of candy and did crazy fun things! Soeur Caldwell and I were (drum roll please) CATS of course! Everybody wants to be a cat! So we dressed up like cats, perched on just about every surface in our apartment and took some great photos! It was a great Halloween!

This week we had zone conference and man it was SO good. Elder Kearon is not only so wise but so funny! He gave us great council that I will use my whole life.
Something he really talked about was choices. In the scriptures a lot of the time or just in life we say things like "take courage" but he was telling us to start saying "choose courage" it is definitely a choice to have courage it is a choice to be happy or sad it's a choice to be lazy or work hard. Our entire lives are made up of choices, some more critical than others, but they are all choices in the end. I am grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who guides me to make the best choices I can. Our choices not only effect us, but the people around us as well, something we all know, but not something we really think about always.
He also taught us to "become the message" it's easy to say the message or preach the message, but it's hard to really become the message. To really practice what we are preaching.
It was such a great zone conference and I got to see a lot of familiar faces so that is always fun!

Unfortunately Aureche did not get baptized, he had to go to Paris for a family emergency. But he is on track to get baptized this saturday so please pray for a miracle that it will happen!!
On Saturday we went to Angoulême, because the sister's there had a baptism. This was the first baptism I have gone to in France and it was beautiful. It was so simple. The message was so pure. It wasn't about the food or the decorations, he didn't have anyone there for him besides us 8 missionaries and the bishop and I can't think of a more perfect baptism I have seen. The spirit was unreal and his sweet simple testimony was so strong. I love seeing people change their lives for this great message.

Sorry this email is short but those are just the highlights of this week! I included pics of Halloween and such! I love you all and I am grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you thank you. Have a great week!

Soeur Holmes

Oh you know you're a missionary when you call movie stars Elder Dicaprio hahahahah Soeur Caldwell did that yesterday and I have never laughed so hard in my life.

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