Tuesday, June 16, 2015

feeding 5000 sheep

Bonjour!! Comment ça va??
This week was a pretty good week! The first week of the transfer is
always long but Soeur Hurd and I get along so well and we are already
good friends that it didn't seem so long.

We did a lot of less active work this past week! We visited two less
active women and it was honestly the strangest thing, both of these
women love the church, love the missionaries, they agree with
everything in the Gospel, but they just don't come to church!! It's so
strange!! The sad part is that they think they are " living the
gospel" but if you aren't coming to church you are not fully living
the gospel. Both of them were so kind and we are going to work on
getting them back to church!! We need their testimonies with us
strengthening the ward!!
We visited another less active family who just talked a lot about
dreams of aliens and such, it was strange and there was a lot of false
doctrine they were trying to feed us but they weren't successful:) BUT
the cool part is that the wife of that family has potential so we are
going to start working with her and seeing what we can do to get her
to come back to church.

So we see the Rodrigues family every week on Mondays for soirée
familial and they are great. They are from Portugal and some of the
best people I've ever met. They don't have a lot, but they feed us
every single week and they do it joyfully. The love the gospel and
they love to serve. They have 4 crazy kids and they haven't been part
of the church very long, but they just give it their all. I love them
and we were able to spend time with them this last week and help Soeur
Rodrigues with her English because she got a new job. It was really
cool to serve them after all they do for us. I love them:)

Friday all of our plans fell through and we literally had an empty
day. So we went contacting:) not always my favorite activity but
sometimes necessary. So we started up this huge boulevard and just
started stopping every person we walked by. Within an hour we had
taught 3 lessons on the street and set up 2 rendezvous for this coming
week. It was really cool! I know that doesn't sound like a lot but
French people don't just willingly stop and talk to strange girls on
the street. It was a tender mercy that reminded me that Heavenly
Father is aware of our situation here and he is watching out for us.
We are also trying to feed 5000 sheep as a mission, which means teach
5000 people in 4 weeks, this is our last week, so your prayers would
be great! I think we are at like 3000 something:) it's been a really
cool experience so far and has pushed us to really reach out to

We also were able to visit a couple other members this week and spark
them with Soeur Hurd's famous chocolate chip cookies:) they were all
over that! There is this little 85 year old lady in the ward named
Mama Gentil who is just crazy! In a good way:) every time we visit her
she is just like, "what did you eat today?" "Is your apartment clean?"
She also makes everything dramatic and calls us her "children" it's
great. Haha I love her and I always leave her house smiling.

That's about all for the week!! I love you all and I hope your week is
great! My challenge for you is to pray for an opportunity to serve
this week. Go fight win!

Je t'embrasse,
Soeur Holmes

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