Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I'm baking like a toasted cheeser!!!

Bonjour! Or should I say Hola because it's literally so hot here I feel like I should be in Mexico or Spain!! haha but really it's toasty here in the South of France! How hot? The members who have lived here their whole lives are complaining. How hot? A missionary serving here with us from Brazil says he has never been so hot in his life. haha it's hot. BUT we will survive:)

Ok now that my heat rant is over, how are you all doing?? So transfer came and went and I will be staying here for a 3rd transfer in Cannes! I'm so happy:) I love it here. I love all the members and it's beautiful and I really love Carla our amie, I love it here and I'm glad I get to stay for at least another 6 weeks. I got a new companion, her name is Soeur Hurd and she is from Virginia and I love her already. She is delightful. Soeur Gerritsen moved to a place called Clermont Ferrand, it's about 2 hours from Lyon. I'll miss her, but she'll do great things there.

This past week was good! Tuesday we did and Fhe with the Gentil family! There are 4 Gentil families in this ward and yes they are all brothers! It's crazy. We took about a 45 minute bus ride to their house and it was lovely. They have 4 adorable children and they just had a special spirit in their home. I love the members of the church in France. It just amazes me how strong most of them are. None of their friends are members, sometimes they are the only members in their family who belong to the church but they just hold strong. I'm grateful for our faithful members of the church here in France. I love them dearly, especially the Gentil family who just made us feel at home:) We shared Mosiah 7:33 with them, Frere Gentil brought up a really good poing, he talked about how in the scripture it says "turn to the Lord with a full purpose of heart" it doesn't say like "keep watching the Lord" or "keep your heart fixed on the Lord" but it says turn to the Lord. We all kind of took a minute to think about what that means to turn to the Lord. We can be living our lives right and doing what we need to do, but sometimes we need to take a step back out of our busy lives and refocus our sights on the Lord, just turn a little bit closer to the Lord. We tend to get busy and wrapped up in life that sometimes we turn a little bit away from the Lord, but I hope we can turn closer  to Him and keep our sights on Him.

We had a great lesson with Carla! We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the steps we need to follow in this life to return back to our Heavenly Father. Once again she was great with everything, she asked good questions about the Holy Ghost and Priesthood. But she really is solid and has a testimony that it's true! Now we just need to figure out what is stopping her from getting baptized! Please pray that we will be able to ease her hesitations and fears and let her know how important this decision is!

We were able to spend time with the Vivier family this week as well and teach them how to make American cookies:) They loved that! haha Soeur Vivier shared her conversion story about how after 5 days of meeting the missionaries she was baptized!! WHAT!! The bishop was worried she wouldn't last but here she is like 30 years later strong as ever and married to the Bishop:) I love that family and their strong example.

Sunday was a great day:) Hugo got baptized:) Hugo is Kiwa's son, Kiwa is a member of the church. She is from Portugal and just so delightful, I love her. The baptism was beautiful and the Spirit was really strong. Even though half of it was in Portuguese:) I learned that the Spirit is the same in all languages. The funniest part was that after he was confirmed, Hugo just like walked out of the chapel and Bishop was like Hugo, come back we aren't finished! haha it was great:) Then we had a ward meal and the members were obsessed with these oreo truffles that we made and everyone was just happy and it was great. I love them!!!

Sorry that this email isn't terribly exciting, but that was the week!! Oh and we did a lot of street contacting, as normal. It would be greatly appreciated if you could pray for us to be able to find some people to teach, we are really struggling here. Thank you:) Thank you for all you do and for all your love and support! I hope you all have a great week and be good!

Avec beaucoup d'amour,
Soeur Holmes

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