Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Wow what a week!! I don't have a ton of time so I'll have to give you
the highlights!
Ok so this past week we had an empty day so we decided to go porting.
We went and ported a neighborhood that Soeur Gerritsen and I had
started last transfer. So we are just porting and talking to nice
people and it's going well. Well we walk up to this house and the
little gate was open so we walk through the gate and knock on the
door. This like 80 year old lady comes out and just starts yelling at
us!! She's like "how did you get on my porch?! Get off now or I will
come after you!!!!" It was actually really kind of scary but like
funny at the same time. So we keep porting along and we see these
nasty black storm clouds rolling our way, so naturally it just starts
pouring rain like hardcore! So we ran to the less actives house that
we were planning on going by later, luckily she was home then:) so
this less active is named Soeur Monaca, she is 95 and so awesome.
She's only less active because she is literally so old and too sick to
come to church. We went in and spent time with her and it was
incredible. She told us her whole life story haha her testimony is so
solid and when I'm 95, I want to be her. The most precious part of the
visit was when she was giving us golden advice and really building us
up. She was telling us that even if we aren't seeing the fruits of our
labors now, to keep going anyway. Because we can't even count the
blessings or number of people we will touch later on because of the
work we are doing now. This really touched me. As a missionary, we
can't always see the fruits of our labors, but we don't even know how
many lives will be changed later because of the efforts we are making
now. I have a strong testimony that our work doesn't go unnoticed. God
is aware and He will make sure that our work is worth something. We
might not see it now, but I'm confident we will see it later on.

Thursday we had the incredible opportunity of having our last zone
conference with President and Soeur Roney. I cried. A lot. So many
tears. Obviously I was sad, but they were more tears of gratefulness.
I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be led by two of the
most amazing people for the past year. The Roney's are an incredible
example to me of love. They love everyone. They love this mission.
They love their missionaries. They love each of us individually. Most
importantly they love The Savior. I will forever be grateful for their
love for me personally. President said something at the conference
that really touched me, he said, "it doesn't really matter what
happens to you, but it matters what you do with it." We can't always
choose our situations, especially as missionaries. But we can choose
how we handle our situations. And we can chaos to be happy. The Savior
had given us every tool to be happy, but it's up to us to follow Him
and His example. Thank you Roney's for your example. Oh and President
Roney gave me a real hug!! Well a side hug but still:)

We had another beautiful experience with Soeur Rouby this week. Soeur
Rouby got moved to a retirement home because her husband is too sick
to care for her anymore. Her sight by this point is completely gone.
It's so sad. But as we sat with Soeur Rouby and Mama Gentil, I felt an
enormous amount of love. They reminisced about happy times in the
past, they laughed and cried together. I witnessed true friendship
that came from these two women serving as disciples of the Lord in His

Carla:) we had a beautiful lesson about baptism. She knows it's true
and she feels so much love and happiness in the Gospel. But she feels
this need to be perfect before she gets baptized. We testified that
she doesn't need to be perfect. And that baptism is a step leading to
perfection. Even though we testified and shared scriptures and Mormon
messages, her answer was still "not now." But you know, it's ok:) we
can't force her to be baptized, that isn't the Lord's way. We will
keep being patient and loving her and teaching her, and when she feels
ready, we will be able to make the next step. I love her, she's so
cool and such an example to me.

Ok I love you all so much! Thanks for your example to me, you're
incredible. Keep being great and spreading the love!!
Alma 37:37
Avec beaucoup d'amour,
Soeur Holmes

Funny things that happened this week,
Soeur Hurd got pooped on by a pigeon.
A lady tried to put a hex on us
And President Roney is the chief of a tribe in Africa! He did service
there a while ago and they loved him so much they made him their
chief! He sends them each a chicken every year:) haha he's so cool!
I'm attaching p day pics and I'll send more next week.

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