Monday, May 11, 2015

Go and Become


It was SO great to talk to you yesterday!!:) I love seeing your faces, it made me super happy!
This week was kind of a slow week, but we had some pretty cool experiences!:)
So we are doing this thing in our ward where we are going with the ward missionaries and visiting each family in our ward and helping them learn how they can bring friends to activities, church, etc:) This past week we visited two really cool families!
The Simons: the Simon family is so cool! They kind of remind me of my family a little bit. They have one son named Gael and it was just funny to see Frère Simon and Gael just teasing Soeur Simon. It reminded me of how Ty and Dad would tease Mom:) we love you Mom:) BUT really they are great! Frère Simon has a super cool conversion story. He was meeting with JW's when he just kept praying for Heavenly Father to reveal the true Gospel to him, cause he honestly felt like there was not a true church on the Earth. About two weeks after he said that prayer, missionaries showed up at his door! So cool right? It was just a testimony builder to me that God sincerely answers our prayers, He listens, and we are not forgotten. They fed us a good old BBQ and I felt like I was at home:) they are super awesome and already talking to their co-workers and non-member friends about the Gospel. I love them a lot.
The Paya's: the Paya family is the definition of cool. I'm obsessed with them. Frère and Soeur Paya both served missions in New Caledonia and got back in 2004. So they are super strong members with super solid testimonies. They were honestly just so fun to be around. They've been married for 7 years and you would have thought they had been married for like 6 months. It was kind of adorable. Frère Paya was the Bishop a couple years ago, but now they both have callings in the stake.They just aren't afraid to open up their mouths and talk to their friends and co-workers about their beliefs. It was a great example to me, about how after my mission their is still so much work to do. Granted it's a little different in Utah, but the work doesn't stop at the end of the 18 months ya know?

This week we had a really cool miracle/tender mercy. As we were walking down the street to try and find some people to talk to we saw this lady walking towards us. We stopped her and started to talk to her when she stops and says, "I'm sorry I don't speak French, I speak English!" Well guess what? Us too! So we go on to have a lovely conversation with this lady named Diana from England:) the whole time she was talking to us I just felt so happy and good, like she was just truly a good human being, trying to do what the Lord wants. She told us how back in England she has quite a few friends who are Mormon and she invited us to come to her house tomorrow to talk with her more and to eat soup haha:) At the end of the conversation she said, "I'm so glad I have met you, I just feel so good talking to you." It was a really cool experience. It was a testimony builder once again to me how much God is aware of us. I had been praying that we could talk to just someone who would listen and be kind, then we found Diana:)

Another really cool thing happened yesterday at church. So there is a member in our ward named Sylvain and he has a girlfriend named Carla. Carla has been coming to church like on and off since I have been here and I always thought she was a member. SHE'S NOT! And she is totally interested in the Gospel! She had been living in the North of France and would just come here on weekends but now she found work here and moved here! So we are going to start teaching her the lessons this week! So she's just practically a miracle amie who just showed up in our lives. Thank you Heavenly Father. Once again answering our prayers:)

So remember when we had that big mission conference in Lyon a couple weeks ago?? Well we had Elder Nielsen of the 70 there and he shared a story with us that really touched me that I have been thinking about a lot lately. He shared a story about when he first became a member of the seventy years ago. He showed up to church headquarters on the date he was supposed to be there and led him to his office, which was right by Elder Holland:) They told him that the training would start soon. So he waited. And waited. And by the end of the day he asked his secretary if she could call someone and ask when the training would be starting. So she did. She came back and told him, that it wasn't time yet and to keep waiting. So he went home that night a little discouraged, but went back to his office the next day. And the same thing happened. He waited and waited and waited, and nothing happened. He had his secretary call once again and ask when the training would start. She returned and apologized and said not yet. Later in the day he received a call to go speak with one of the twelve apostles (sorry I don't remember which one he talked to) he sat down with this member of the twelve and he said it was the shortest interview he has ever had in his life. He said to him "Elder Nielsen, you are a great man, the training is not yet, go back to your office and become." and then Elder Nielsen was dismissed. Go and become?? What does that mean? So he went back to his office and he started to study. He started to study the scriptures and the Savior and everything he could get his hands on. Then finally a couple days later they were calling him to start the training and he was so frustrated because he was in the process of becoming. Becoming like our Savior. He invited us all to Go and Become. I want to become like my Savior Jesus Christ. I know we all can, as we truly try to know Him. 

I love you all. You are amazing examples to me. I hope your week is great and we can all try to go and become:)

Soeur Holmes

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