Monday, May 4, 2015


After almost 10 months of being a missionary you think I would have learned that you write the big email FIRST. But I never do. haha
This week was a great start to the transfer here in Cannes! We had a goal to teach 20 lessons, and we did it!! It was pretty hard, but I'm so glad we went through with it. We saw a lot of cool miracles because of it! One of the miracles was that on Sunday we were going through a list of people on our potential list and we saw this name, Najat. We've talked to this woman before, but Soeur Gerritsen and I both felt inclined to call this woman. So we did. When she picked up the phone she told us that she has been going through some difficult things in her life, and that she was praying that we would call her! As soon as she was done praying, we called. She was in tears and it was a really cool experience for all of us. I know God is aware of every single one of His children and He answers our prayers.
We also met a really cool lady named Julie this week!! We were just walking down the road and we saw this adorable lady pushing a baby stroller (how in the world is that word spelled, I miss spellcheck) so we thought we should talk to her. So we start doing the family questionaire and she just agrees with everything and is super interested and gives us her number!! It was great!! I want her to live with her family forever:) I hope we can see her soon!
One of the days we were heading to get a bus when we saw an old woman sitting alone on a bench, we went and sat down by her and she started casually talking to her. She asked if we were on vacation (like most people ask haha) and we explained that we are missionaries! We told her we share an important message about Jesus Christ and about the family. She opened up to us right away that her husband has died and she has no kids and she is all alone. We testified to her that she is never alone and that she has God and Jesus Christ with her always. We also told her about how we believe we can live with the people we have lost after this life, she was so suprised!! She was like, "really? I would love that!" She had never heard this before. As we finished talking with her we left her with a prayer and she told us thank you and that we had given her comfort and peace. The Gospel does that:) It's not us, but our unique message to the world that brings so much comfort.
We had a cool less active experience this week! So we have been trying to see our less active Patricia for weeks. Every time we fix  a meeting with her she cancels on us. BUT we finally got to see her on Saturday! We ate Raclette which is my FAVORITE French meal. So good. I'll get to the good part, so she had invited her neighbor Jordan who is 16 to eat with us. So we all sit down to eat and she just goes for it, no prayer. So we're thinking "she's one of those less actives who is like against the church" Boy were we wrong. She starts talking about how she is having people in the states do temple work for her Dad who passed away and just how much she loves the church and stuff. Then she went to get the dessert and she gave us that look like "talk to Jordan about the Gospel" so we kinda spark a conversation with him and we tell him some of our beliefs, but then he had to leave:( so after he leaves we are left to talk with Patricia. The only reason she is less active is because of her health! She still is keeping the commandements and doing everything she needs to be doing! Such a relief. She told us that she really feels like she needs to come back to church, even though it's hard to come because of her health. So pray for Patricia that she'll have the strength to come to church!! The best part is that she invited us over again next week and she wants us to prepare a lesson specifically for Jordan. She is the best less active missionary I have ever met!!
This week was full of miracles. The Lord truly does bless us when we are trying our hardest and our best! Here is a little ami update: Ludivine is good, she was really busy with work and we were not able to see her last week:( Claude is really sick but we have been calling him and sharing scriptures and praying on the phone so pray that we will be able to see him once he is better! Pascal is good and progressing well:) OH Randomly one of our old amis Abeya called us and wanted to meet us at the church! We had a lesson about families and showed It was great! Then she rapped for us the rap she made about Jesus. haha
Well family I love you all so much!! Shout out to my graduates who graduated a couple days ago! I'm so proud of you Mom, Ty, and Stacee! You are all wonderful examples do me of hard work:) I hope you all have a great week and I can't wait to talk to you this Sunday!!
Soeur Holmes

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