Tuesday, May 26, 2015

coolest miracle ever!!

I hope everyone had a great week! Thank you for all of your birthday
wishes! Thursday will be a great day.
So this week was really great! We started off the week by going to an
outer city or as we call them villes to do some porting. Well porting
here is really hard because mostly everyone lives in apartments and
you can't really knock on their door. So we went to this adorable
little town and found this neighborhood with actual houses that we
could knock on! We were so pumped! So we went to work and started
knocking our little hearts out. To sum it all up no one was super
interested, but the odd thing was that almost every single person was
home and they were all really nice and listened to us. We had some
really great conversations and met some incredible people who were
pretty touched. My favorite was an old man named Serge, he was
probably 95. But soo nice. He told us he met missionaries a long time
ago, and that even though he wasn't interested he really was grateful
for what we were doing. He was great. We are going to head back to
that same place and finish the neighborhood this week:)
We then had a great exchange with the sister training leaders here in
Cannes! I was with Soeur Hurd, she is delightful and such a pleasure
to be around. We had a rendezvous with Carla, she is so great and so
eager to learn! The problem is that her boyfriend the member just
talks the whole time and so we never really know what she is thinking.
But she loved learning and she keeps coming to church, so I think we
are on a good path! We have a meeting with her tomorrow so hopefully
we'll be able to get s better feel for where she is at.
Then the next day Soeur Hurd and I had a mangezvous with Soeur Gonçalo
a member of our ward and her non member husband. They are so great. So
great. You would think that frere Gonçalo is a member, besides the
fact that he drinks wine when he eats haha but he totally acts like
one! He is actually a really gifted artist and showed us all of his
masterpieces. He carves things from wood or marble and it's all really
beautiful. He looks through the liahonas and then carves pictures he
likes. It's really cool! They are a great family and even though frere
Gonçalo isn't accepting the gospel right now, I think he will one
Ok drum roll please for the coolest miracle ever!!! So we went to a
inactive members house for dinner on Friday, her name is Elody and her
dad is the stake patriarch and she is awesome. Her husband isn't a
member and she has two adorable kids. So she fed us like this gourmet
meal and told us her story and such and it was a lovely time. Then her
husband came home and we whipped out our Books of Mormon to share a
spiritual thought. So we did and it was slightly awkward cause they
didn't really say anything, besides thank you. BUT then the coolest
thing happened. 6 year old maily comes over and says, "what's in your
hands?" So I explain to her that it is the Book of Mormon. I told her
it was a gift and that she could keep it, her face lit up and she got
all excited. Elody asked us to write our testimonies in it for her, so
we did and then Maily just held the book tight to her chest and was
smiling so so much. I watched her carefully thumb through the pages
with such curiosity and awe. It was so tender and I got all teary
eyed. Her mom told her that she needs to read a little every day. That
warmed my heart, because even though Elody isn't active, she still
knows how important the Book of Mormon is. It was a beautiful moment.
As she drove us home she told us that she hasn't forgotten the gospel.
I think it's just hard cause her husband isn't a member and she says
she feels alone at church without him. But I honestly think that Maily
is going to be the key of getting her mom back to church. It was odd,
as I watched 6 year old Maily hold the Book of Mormon, I saw 7 year
old me, who was also once a curious little girl:)
Saturday the Freund family through me and Soeur g a surprise party to
celebrate our birthdays! We ate delicious cake and it was a jolly
time. We invited Soeur Freund to pray to see if God is there, I hope
she will. They are like the most Christlike people on the planet.
Saturday night we had a family home evening at the church for members,
less actives, Amis, etc, it was a really good turn out! We watched
because He lives and we all shared our testimonies about the savior
and what we can accomplish because of Him and because He lives.
Annnd now I'm out of time!!! But I love you all and I am so grateful
for you! I love my Savior and I know He lives and loves each one of us
personally. Your challenge this week is to read the talk On Being
Genuine by President Uchtdorf from this last conference, it blew my
mind and is just insane. Ok I love you!!:)
Soeur Holmes

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