Monday, February 2, 2015


Welp I am still in Poitiers! This will be my 4th transfer here and I love it so much. The day I leave is going to be a really hard day. I am so grateful for all the amazing experiences that I have had here. Soeur Zenger got transferred to Talence, which is in Bordeaux. I was heartbroken, I just cried and cried. She became my best friend. I loved being her companion, we had so much fun, but we also worked really hard and saw so many miracles. I'll miss her so much but I know that she is needed in Talence. She will do amazing things there.

This week was really good. Soeur Zenger and I had a feeling that someone would get transferred which means that so many members invited us over to eat with them! haha So we got to spend time with Soeur Rousselle and Soeur Chevallier! They fed us Raclette which is my favorite and then Soeur Z and I made Speculoos Cheesecake which is SOOOOO good and I'll make it for ya'll when I get home. I love these two women, I loved spending time with them as they told us their stories and shared their testimonies.

We also did exchanges this week! Soeur Cherry came from Limoges and we did some killer work in Poitiers. We were able to see aurech for a little bit. He is probably the most frustrating investigator we have. He knows the church is true, he just really struggles with commandments. I know one day he will get baptized, but maybe now just is not the time. I refuse to give up on him though. We also were able to see Yazid! We are teaching him all the lessons again. It's been really cool, he practically teaches us the lessons he knows everything so well! It's been really cool just to watch him grow even in just a little over a week since his baptism, it's incredible.

Yesterday was my favorite day of the whole week! It was fast sunday which means testimony meeting and I love testimony meeting. President Achar always invites the missionnaries to bear their testimony first, so I get up and I start talking and then I talk about how I will miss soeur zenger and I just burst into tears and it was really awkward but it was ok cause everyone else started to cry haha but I love hearing all of their testimonies. This branche is incredible, their faith is unshakeable. I love them so much.

Yazid got the priesthood yesterday:) we were able to be there for it and it was incredible. I love to see him progress and take steps in his life that keeps bringing him closer and closer to the Savior. The Spirit was so strong in the room when he was getting the priesthood and even though I didn't understand every word cause French, the Spirit is the same. It's the same in any language and I love that.

Last night we went to the Meloen's for the last time with Soeur Zenger. Soeur Meloen of course made amazing food like usual cause she is such a good cook! It was so great, the Spirit is always felt in that home and I kinda consider it my second home:)

It was a good week. Sad and hard to let Soeur Z go but I am grateful for the time I had with her. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing week!

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