Monday, February 9, 2015

It snowed!!

Wow this week. The first week of the transfer always feels kind of slow, but this one was super super slow, BUT a lot of great things happened:)
I got my new companion Soeur Mattinson! She was serving in Toulouse before which is like the 3rd biggest city in France of something so Poitiers is kind of a change! haha She is wonderful, she is so so so nice and loving and you can't help but be happy around her, it's impossible to be sad. She's a great missionary and she is helping me become a better missionary myself. I always get nervous when I get a new companion but the Lord always knows exactly what we need, I'm grateful for that.

This week was really good, we contacted A LOT. Contacting isn't my favorite thing, but Soeur Mattinson is so enthusiastic about it that it makes it kind of fun. We talked to some really great people and we even had a couple cool miracles. One of them was that we approached this family and starting talking to them, they told us they were from Brazil and that they didn't speak French very well, so we tried to talk really simply and slowly and the Dad was able to translate what we were saying to the Mom. After a couple minutes of talking I felt really inspired to testify hard core about eternal families so I did, they were really touched. We got there number and hopefully we will be able to see them this week.

Something else that was really cool that happened was Yazid passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday at church!! Ahh! I was so happy, the whole time I was just beaming as he walked up and down the rows. He was so nervous but he did such a great job. I love seeing him progress:)

We were finally able to have a rendez-vous with Aurech this week, we hadn't seen him in a really long time. The rendez-vous was good but he just isn't progressing. He told us "I just need to make the decision to keep the commandments and then it will be easier to keep them." Valid. With anything in life we first have to make the decision and then do it, but unfortunately Aurech is just not really acting on his faith right now. I hope that one day he comes around because he would honestly be the coolest member ever, until then we will just keep loving him and praying for him.

So we have this ami named Mathieu, I've known him since I got here in September. We teach him english every week and that's about it. Well we were having our dmb meeting and Joe our branch mission leader was like "why isn't Mathieu being taught??" And I'm like he is.. we're teaching him english! And Joe is like well try teaching him the Gospel. That kind of hit in me in the face because until this point we have only taught him english because he never seemed too interested in the Gospel. So we called and asked if we could teach him a little bit more about what we believe in, he said of course:) our renez-vous went super well and I could tell he was touched by the Spirit, I'm actually really glad we waited to teach him though, I feel like we first needed to establish a friendship with him first. I can't wait to see where things go with him:)

Ok so yesterday was really cool. We were getting off the bus to walk to the church and Soeur Rousselle was getting on the bus to go home. We thought this was super weird because church hadn't started yet. She looked really really upset and I was worried. We got off the bus and called her and she didn't answer her phone. Well we went about our day and we thought we would try and see her sometime this week to make sure she was ok. Well later last night one of our rendez-vous fell through so Soeur M is like lets go see Soeur Rousselle. So we did, we got to her house and she did not look happy to see us and she was super hesitant about letting us in. But after a second she did, she made us hot cocoa and we sat down and started talking. She told us about how she was having some problems with her family and neighbors and such and that this week had just been awful. We shared a scripture with her about prayer and by the time we left her house she was so happy and smiling. She even gave us chocolate butter, you heard me chocolate butter. I was so glad our rendez-vous fell through because Soeur Rousselle needed us last night. The Lord is so aware of His children.

I hope you all have an incredible week and think about the Savior a little more. I love Him, and I love you! Que Dieu vous bénisse!

Soeur Holmes

Ps it snowed in Poitiers!
The other pic is soeur zenger and I when I dropped her off at the gare

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