Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! It was so fun to get to see your faces and talk to you, I'm glad you are all doing well!
This week was a lot of fun, Soeur Zenger and I really wanted to spread the Christmas cheer, so on Christmas Eve we got a bunch of candy and made little bags of candy with a He is the Gift card attached to it. We then sported our cute little santa hats and walked around downtown Poitiers and gave these little bags of candy to all the homeless people we saw on the street. We wished them a Merry Christmas and told them that God loved them. It wasn't a lot, but it was a really cool experience. We gave one to this one girl who looked about 20, she sits in the same spot on the sidewalk every single day. As we gave her the candy here eyes lit up and she said, "Merci! Merci beaucoup!" My heart felt warm and happy:) Also on Christmas Eve we went and visited a less active sister in the hospital, we sang Silent Night and her non member daughter joined in, the Spirit filled the room and even though their hearts are far away from the gospel I know they felt the spirit. As we were leaving the hospital, the daughter of our less active offered to give us a ride home, she wasn't even leaving she just wanted to give us a ride and then she was coming right back!! It was so nice, she isn't even a member but she had such a light in her eyes. I am so grateful for people like her who just open their hearts to the spirit.
Christmas Eve night was spent with Catherine our recent convert and our branch president and his family. I ate oysters and I don't want to talk about it. haha it was SO bad, I just about died. Soeur Z has some great pics, I'll send next time.
Christmas came, and we spent it with the amazing Meloen Family. They made us so much delicious food that I literally didn't eat for 2 days after that!! They are a family that really exemplify the Spirit of Christ, they have it with them always and it makes people want to be around them. It was such a fun Christmas, it was fun to see how others spend it and traditions they have. We ate Raclette which is my favorite French dish:) and they bought us scarfs, it was so nice.
Yazid is doing so wonderful! He came to church again like a champion and we were able to teach him twice. He just accepts EVERYTHING without hesitation. I can't get over how prepared this man is for the gospel. He is such a blessing in our lives and I am so happy he has made the decision to be baptized and follow Jesus Christ. OH he is also the nicest human ever. He bought us Christmas presents!! He got us a movie called The Son of God and he got me a Birdy cd! (no worries I won't be using these gifts until I get home haha) But it was so kind, and we are just amazed at the love he shows for everyone around him. He is such a blessing to us and the members of Poitiers.
I love you all! I hope you are making some goals for the new year, thinking of ways we can become more like our Savior. I love you, the gospel is true, and He lives. Have a wonderful week! Happy New year! And Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Soeur Holmes

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