Monday, January 5, 2015

Are we getting punked!

Hello everyone!! I hope you had a great start to the new year and that you have made some good goals to start 2015 off right! How is everyone doing??

This week was another great week in Poitiers! I love it so much here and I will probably cry for days when I get transferred. This week we have been teaching Yazid the commandments and he is taking them like a CHAMPION. Seriously, each time we teach him a new commandment he is like, "oh yeah no problem I'm already living that commandment." It's unreal. After every rendez-vous I always ask Soeur Zenger if we are getting punked cause he is too good to be true! But like he isn't! He just is one of those people who has truly been prepared for the Gospel, it's amazing. It's a once in a life time experience that I don't really think I will ever get again. I'm so blessed to know Yazid and to see how he is changing his life for the Lord.  OH and he had a dream and it testified to him that the church is true! Stay tuned I'll share that next time:)
So I went on exchange this week in Bordeaux and usually I don't super love exchanges but this one was really good. Soeur Pape and I were out contacting and we come across this woman who is getting out of her car. We stop her and start doing the questionaire with her. She was super nice and willing to answer all of our questions, but at the end she said, "sorry I'm not interested right now, but who knows maybe one day I will be." She said that and it kinda hit me. There are so many times in the mission where it seems like we aren't really having success, or people are constantly saying that they aren't interested. But it hit me that with this lady, we were just one step in her process. We were just the first set of mormon missionaries to approach her and talk to her about the Gospel. And maybe she'll have to talk to 5 more groups of missionaries or 10. And maybe she won't accept the Gospel in this life, but even if she didn't say yes or didn't want to learn more. I realized that we had helped her in her process to discover truth, it might take years, but eventually every person will know the truth. I feel blessed every day to share this beautiful truth, this incredible good news with the people of France.
There is a woman in our branch named Soeur Chevallier and I had such a cool experiene with her this week. Soeur Chevallier is a convert and served a mission in Belgium and is one of the strongest members of the church I know. This week Soeur Zenger and I went over for a visit. She made us the usual hot chocolate and cookies and we were planning on doing the normal spiritual thought, when we got  talking about her mission! With the biggest smile on her face she asked us if we wanted to see her pictures from her mission and from when she worked at the mtc. She was beaming as she told us stories from her mission and shared experiences. She is the only member in her family. When we were leaving she thanked us for letting her talk about her mission, she told us that it's really sad for her because she has all these great memories and no one to really share them with. My heart was so happy as we left this sweet sisters house. She strengthens my faith, I love her so much.
Also this week we were able to go visit one of our less actives Soeur Lebon. We stopped by her house last week and gave her the Elder Andersen book we had been giving out to members. Last week she was a little irritated that we came by, but this week she was super excited! She told us she read the book and really liked it. I don't think she is coming back to church any time soon, but as we sat and talked and really got to know her, her whole attitude changed, I know she was touched by the Spirit.
Fun suprise!! So we are in Sacrament meeting when randomly this kid in jeans and this other random kid just walk past the window so so so confused! So Soeur Bertrand being the bold go getting lady she is books it out of the chapel to go get these two! Turns out one of them is from Mexico and is studying here, he had been looking for the church for 2 HOURS! I mean it isn't easy to find since it's in an office building haha BUT it was a miracle. And on the way he found a friend who was trying to help him find the church who ended up coming to sacrament meeting and is now coming to our young adult activity on wednesday. BONUS.
It was a great week. I love you all. I love the Savior, He lives and loves us. Thank you for your support and prayers. Have a great week!
Soeur Holmes

                                                                IT'S CARNIVAL TIME!!!!

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