Sunday, December 7, 2014


This week was a good one for a lot of reasons, but first because it was Thanksgiving! We had a great day, we had district meeting so that was really good and mostly we went around and said what we were grateful for and such. Throughout the week we all made a list of all the things we were grateful for and then put why next to each item. A lot of the time we know what we are grateful for but we need to take a step back and really ponder why. It was great. I'm so grateful for many things but the first thing on my list was my Savior. He did so much for us, without Him we would not be here in the first place let alone celebrating Thanksgiving. I'm grateful for His everlasting sacrifice, His love and patience with all of us. I feel incredibly blessed to be loved so much by someone, He knows us perfectly. Hand your troubles and problems to Him, He wants to help. I love my Savior.
After district meeting we went to a members house who LOVES america! We had turkey and kind of mashed potatoes and it was pretty good! I mean it didn't taste like mom's but it was good! OK story. So we walk into this members house and she has not one, but two giant dogs. Boxers in fact. Large dogs scare me. These two dogs just start booking it at me and I'm like freaking out and she gets them to stop jumping on me when all of a sudden these two dogs just start like attacking each other and getting super scary, so I literally book it out the front door with Soeur Zenger! She calmed them down and made them stay outside until we left:) It's pretty funny now, but kinda horrifying in the moment!
Aurech, ok so he didn't get baptized. Sad. So I was on exchange with one of the sister training leaders and within the two days we had two lessons with him and figured out that he really isn't ready. He still has a lot of stuff to figure out with some people in his life and he still isn't sure if Joseph Smith is a prophet. We talked about moving his date again to the end of december. He told us that he felt good about that and that he knows he needs to be baptized but he really wants to be ready. I was a little heartbroken, but I know that if he really puts in the work he'll be ready. It's just getting him to act that's hard. Please pray for him.
Julie is doing so well!! We taught her again this week. We talked about following the prophet and we showed her some mormon messages by President Monson, she LOVED them. She book marked them on her laptop and everything. She's progressing so well. I love the light that she has with her, I know that it will only be brightened as she continues to progress towards baptism.
So something else cool that happened this week was that we had the opportunity to have a member work with us all day on wednesday! Her name is Noemie Meloen and she is the cutest ever. She's 18 and preparing for her own mission. She wen't to all of our rdv's with us and went contacting as well. Her testimony is so strong and it was cool to have her with us, she kinda got a little taste of missionary life! When the day was over her mom drove us home and gave Soeur Zenger and I those cute chocolate christmas calendars! You know what I'm talking about?? Where you eat a piece of chocolate each day?? It was really nice of them.
On Saturday we had a really awesome day! It was the first day of the He is the Gift initiative that I told you all about. If you haven't gone and watched the video/shared it on social media do it now! So good!
We made a cute little Christmas questionnaire and talked to/watched the video with a bunch of people. It was really cool to see people in the Christmas spirit and for them to open up about why Christmas is special and how Christ is really the reason we have it. We talked to a woman on the bus and she said, "Today Christmas is all about the gifts and the decorations and the holiday, but it's about Christ, He is the reason." I'm glad people still believe that. He is the Gift.
I hope you all have a good week and go to that website! I love you!
Soeur Holmes
                                                                      Apartment view

                                                                     Me and Soeur Zenger
                                                    wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

                    gare aka train station in limoges. It's voted the most beautiful gare in europe

                                                                 Me and Laurence

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