Monday, September 15, 2014

week four in France "Zone Conference"

Ok so when you're a new missionary in France you're called "blue" I guess in some missions you're called a "greenie" no idea. But I only have one week left of this transfer! Can you believe it?? I'm technically still "blue" for the next transfer too but hopefully by next transfer I'll have a better hold on things haha
This week was great! We had Zone Conference! We had 4 different zone's there and it was awesome! Elder Ballard came to our mission, but he spoke in Geneva so we didn't get to be there physically so at zone conference we got to watch it! It was so great, he reminded us the importance of teaching for understanding and to remember to teach simply. The Gosepl really is so simple and I feel like as missionaries we like to over complicate it sometimes, but it really is so simple. President and Sister Roney also spoke to us and man can I just say I have the best mission president ever. Like really he is so cool! He says things like, "are you tired of being wimpy?? Put on your game face smile and go to work!" I love it. It's so true, this isn't an easy mission, not is any mission easy by any means, but everyday I just have to forget myself and go to work. Because this isn't about me. It's about bringing others to Christ, you never know who you might touch.
So I went on an exchange this week in Montabon and it was great, it is really cool to see how other missionaries work and their different techniques and styles. It was really fun and it was beautful! We taught a Tahitian family and they were so cool, the wife was a member but he wasn't and I just had the strongest feeling that he would except the Gospel someday. He was so nice and seemed really interested in what we were teaching. He even said the prayer! It was so cool. We also taught another woman named Caty, she just called the missionaries one day and said "Hi yes I would like to be baptized!!" WHAT. That is not something you see everyday, especially in France. But she was so cool, we visited her in the hospital cause she might have cancer and is really sick. We testified that even though she is sick now, that one day she will be resurrected perfectly and everything will work out and she will be healthy. She just started to sob. The spirit was so strong. It was a miracle for sure, I testify that miracles exist today; I witness them. They aren't always big, but they exist. It was really cool.
When I got back from my exchange Soeur Caldwell and I did a lot of less active and recent convert work. Our branch has a lot of those so we are trying to just help them strengthen their faith and remember WHY they got baptized in the first place. They all know it is true, they just need a little push ya know. It breaks my heart to see people turn away from the thing that will make them the absolute happiest if they would just let them.
I love being a missionary everyone. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. I thought I was somewhat humble then I came on a mission and realized I was wrong. Before my mission I wasn't a bad person by anymeans, but on a mission you really learn to rely on the Lord and just be so humble, this work isn't for the proud. I've learned I need my Savior every second of every day. He's the one working miracles here, not me. It's just really humbling to know that we are nothing without Him.
The Gospel is true. 100 percent true. I love it. Thanks for all you do!! Have an amazing week!
Soeur Holmes

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