Monday, September 1, 2014

week two in France

Bonjour ma famille! 
Wow this week has been so good! Like a lot better than the first week for sure! It's defintely still really hard, BUT I am beginning to more fully understand what it means to be a missionary.
So this week was good, we had Zone Training in Bordeaux and that was a blast cause I got to see a lot of my mtc friends! So good! The thing with zone training or district meeting etc, means that we have to travel for a couple days at a time, which is kinda fun/annoying cause I'm like I JUST WANT TO TEACH ALL THE WORLD. haha but it's good:)
So we saw miracles this week! Soeur Caldwell and I prayed for a miracle annnd we got not one but TWO! So we were out contacting when we both had the strongest feeling to stop this women, so ze did. Her name is Selestina and she is so cool! She is going to college here and is jsut really open and willing to listen. That is something that is hard to find here, no one wants to listen to two teenage American girls talk about religion. It especially doesn't help that they thing we are Jehovahs Witnesses (french is messing up my english sorrry) JW's are everywhere here. Anyway so we are going to teach her next week!
Then about 10 minutes later we met this women named Sonia and she is just the best. She is this little old lady from Italy who is searching for the Gospel. She said she has been praying to know if God is there and aware of her, HE IS. We testified of eternal families and she just got so excited and said she hoped it was true because she really wanted that for her and her family especially since her dad has passed away! She has also been to an LDS church before, but she just didn't know that it existed here! So we are going to teach her next week too! 
I know that the Lord is so so so aware of us and our situations! I have felt His love so much this past week. Through sincere prayer and faith anything is possible. He loves us so much!
So some fun facts about France:
1. Everyone smokes, way gross
2. Everyone has a dog, dog poop is EVERYWHERE
3. French treats are the best
4. French people take a second to warm up to you, but once you get them talking they are so nice!
I love you all and I am grateful for your love and support! Garde la foi!
Soeur Holmes

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