Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 2

Bonjour family and friends!! How we doing in good old Kaysville?? Goodness I miss it, Provo just isn't the same! This past week has been so good! It's so true when they say that at the mtc days feel like weeks and weeks feel like days. Time just doesn't make sense here. Sorry my emails are usually pretty random and scattered I'll try my best to compose my thoughts.. so here we go!
    The mtc continues to be the best thing, I am so glad I made the decision to serve a mission. I've only been here a couple weeks and I always think to myself, what if I hadn't decided to go? My life would be entirely different. And that would be so sad, because I am learning and growing so much and it's just the absolute best!
    So on Wednesday Soeur Baggs and I had a really good lesson with our investigator Michel (side note, investigators at the mtc are really just your teachers pretending to be investigators, they usually portray an investigator they had on their missions). So we taught Michel about the Livre de Mormon and how powerful it is. In the middle of Soeur Bagg's testimony the spirit was just so strong and we both started to get a little emotional. This Gospel is 100% true, and I feel that every time I teach here. At the end of our lesson, Michel said his faith had increased because of our testimonies. So cool. That night we played an intense game of kickball with our favorite Haitian elders (they aren't actually Haitian they are just speaking Haitian creole and going to Florida) and our district. I am so uncoordinated that I almost broke my wrist. Yikes. haha 
       Oh I'm gonna back it up a little bit, so on Tuesday nights we sing in the choir and have really awesome devotionals. So last week we had a really good devotional about knowing our Savior, it was awesome. The best part about the mtc is that you get to feel the spirit allll the time. I am so lucky. French is still kicking my butt, but I am learning so much and progressing more than I think. So that's really good!! 
     Thursday was a whole lot of ups and downs. On a mission you feel the highest highs and the lowest lows and though at times, it feels like more than you can take, you just have to remind yourself why you're here. You have to remember that this isn't about you, that you're here to help others. The more I forget about myself and lose myself in this amazing message the happier I am. 
      Friday we hit our 'I leave for France in exactly one month mark." SAY WHAT?! I can't believe it, it will be here before I know it. 
      Saturday was good! Soeur Baggs and I had companionship inventory, it's pretty much just where we talk about what's bugging us and how we can help each other. We aren't bugged with each other yet so that's good, but it was good to just talk about how we feel our lessons are going and how we can help each other learn and grow. Also at the Mtc all the Elders think it's hilarious to spread rumors since no one knows what is actually going on. So Elder Lindsay walks in one day and was like guys I got a dear elder from my sister saying that Zac Efron came out of the closet. I think every single girl almost died. So sad. We later found out it was just a rumor. Not funny. There is also one going around that Lady Gaga died... we haven't really confirmed that one yet... so we aren't entirely sure if that's true or false. haha We also played kickball again on Saturday cause we're practically pro and we're taking a sick team picture next week. Stay tuned. 
        Sunday's here are the actual best thing ever. We get to have Sacrament in French, choir, and a really awesome devotional. They are just always really relaxing days, but I still learn so much. I never stop learning, it's pretty much awesome. We also take temple walks every Sunday and we take lots of pictures and it's really fun. I'd share those pictures with you but I accidentally deleted all the pictures off my camera. I'm so sad. But I will try and get them from Soeur Baggs and send some next week. 
        Monday was great cause it was a Dr. Pepper miracle. This girl walks up to me with two Dr. P's and was like "hey do you like Dr. Pepper?" I was like um yes and she was like here have them I don't drink soda anymore. It was a miracle made my day. We also had a really good lesson with Michel yesterday on the atonement. My French is getting so much better, by like miles. I felt like I could really understand what was going on. The spirit was so strong. Also Michel who is really our teacher named Frere Pherson is from good old Kaysville Utah and went to Davis high. haha what a small world.
         That about wraps up the week, sorry this is so long and disorganized. I am going to try and send pictures in a separate email from Soeur Baggs card so stay tuned.... I love you all to pieces and you are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I know if we are living by the spirit and striving each day to become like our Heavenly Father, we can accomplish any task or trial he puts in front of us. It's all about having faith and trusting that he knows best. I love you all. Thank you all for the letters and packages you send I really appreciate it. Keep the letters coming I love to hear from you! Until next week!

Soeur Holmes

Funny stories below:
-I accidentally hit my teacher in the face with a Swedish fish.. I was trying to get it in Elder Duncan's mouth and I missed by a lot... I don't think he though it was too funny...

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