Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and you are excited for Christmas!! We had a good week! Oddly enough it's been kind of warm here.. not like warm warm but there are times where I don't even zip up my coat! But today it's kind of rainy:/ but at least it isn't snowing so I'm happy!

Highlights of the week,

So Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Clermont Ferrand to do a district finding day/district meeting!! It was so fun! Clermont is ADORABLE. We got to Clermont and we all switched up companionships so I was with Soeur Gerritsen:) I love her:) Seriously I love being back with her:) She's great. We spent the first half of the day contacting and trying to find people to teach, I had some pretty good conversations! I met this one lady who was pretty athiest but she still wanted a card to give to her friend who is Christian. It wasn't anything huge, but I was touched by the fact that even though she didn't want to accept what we were offering, she was thinking of others who might be interested in our message.
Then later we went to go visit a less active women who legit lives in the mountains. We got off the bus and did a small hike to get up to this women's house. I got to the top of the hill completely out of breath! we had a good rdv with her and committed her to come back to church and start living the commandments, so we'll see if she stays true to her word:)
Then we did some more contacting and met the coolest lady! Her name is Lincey and we only talked to her for maybe 3 minutes and she was all like "yes I want to learn about your church! I love talking about Jesus!" and just gave us her phone number! So cool:)
At the end of the day all 11 of us missionaries went caroling in front of this giant Christmas tree:) It was great:) I mean we aren't professionals, but all these people just stood around in awe as they listened to us. I don't think it was because of our beautiful voices ;) But because of the Spirit that was there testifying of Jesus Christ. Soeur James was walking up to people and handing them cards while we were singing and they just kept saying, "this is the best part of my week." :)

So we have this outer ville in our sector called L'isle d'abeau, it's where most of our members live. Well we hadn't been there in a while because usually we take a train out there and we can't take trains. BUT we found a bus that goes out there!! So we went there 3 times this last week! It kind of took up a lot/ most of our time, but it was worth it. The 3 member families that we visited needed us. We saw the Piscitello's, Ngavet's, and the Leroux's and I love all of them!! The Piscitello's feel like family to me. They have a daughter who is 20 and going on a mission soon and we are best friends, I want to adopt her into our family. The Ngavet's are hilarious and I literally laughed so hard I was crying the entire time we were there. AND they fed us RACLETTE:) My fav:):) The Leroux's are also fantastic, really struggling, but she talked to us a lot about trials and her mission, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It was a really inspired weekend in l'isle d'abeau:)

I gave a talk in church! Even after 18 months of doing this I still am terrified to give talks in church! The subject was perfect, Jesus Christ. I formed my talk around the scripture in 2 Nephi 19:6 where it gives Him all the titles, like counselor, prince of peace, etc. I love talking about the Savior, I love Christmas because it is centered on Him. It's really easy to get wrapped up in the stuff that doesn't matter, but I know if we really try to center our lives on Christ, we can focus on the real reason for the season:)

She is doing so well! She recieved the Holy Ghost on Sunday and it was beautiful:) We are no preparing her to go to the temple! We have been helping her with her family history and all that jazz! She is so prepared and ready to go!

He is doing well:) He is in Paris visiting his daughter so we weren't able to see him, but we try and call him every other day and pray with him:) He's adorable:)

Ok kids that's it for the week! Sorry that this email isn't super exciting but I ran out of time:/ I'm so excited to talk to you in just a few days!!! I love you all and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!:)

Soeur Holmes

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