Tuesday, July 21, 2015

la ville

Bonjour!! Well everyone I got transferred! After spending three
wonderful transfers in Cannes, I have been transferred to "la ville
Rose" also known as Toulouse, to be a STL here! I'm really excited
about this new opportunity to serve here! My companion is Soeur
Stapley and she is soo great and I'm excited to work with her!

This past week was great! Full of more miracles! So remember Amelia
the woman I talked about last week? Well we had another rdv with her
this week and it went really well. Ok well first it was bad but then
it ended up going well. So at the beginning of the meeting she was
like "I'll never be Mormon so don't try and convert me." Not exactly
what I was expecting, but as we kept talking to her and trying to
discern her needs she opened up more about how she just feels so lost,
she wasn't going to come to our meeting but something told her she
needed to come. The spirit:) by the end she accepted a BOM and said
she would pray. Even though she said she would never join the church,
at the end of the rdv she said that a lot could happen in a week and
maybe she would change her mind:) I really hope she keeps looking for
the truth and doesn't give up.

Brice! We met the coolest guy named Brice! So we got on a bus to go to
the church and we started talking to this woman. Well she wasn't
really interested, but there was a guy about 20 years old who was
listening to our conversation the whole time. Ok so rewind, I had seen
this guy about 5 times before and I always had the impression to talk
to him, but I never did. I always had really lame excuses like " oh
he's smoking, or he's young he won't listen to us, etc." Well he was
totally listening to our conversation with that lady when he
interrupted and asked if we were nuns for the Catholic Church (we get
that a lot cause it says Soeur on our badge) anyway we explained who
we were and he told us that he was actually really interested and he
was in the process of searching for truth!! So cool! Well I got
transferred so I don't know the rest of the story, but I hope Brice
finds what he's looking for:)

Ok so I don't know if you remember Claude, I taught him way back in my
first transfer in Cannes. Well we had a rdv with him two days before I
left and he accepted a baptismal date for October 3rd! He's so
adorable. The only thing is that he has a lot of health problems so
it's hard for him to meet with us and to come to church, but I know
the Lord will help him.

Remember Soeur Rouby our cute member who is blind and in a retirement
home? Well she gets a lot of visits for members, and the missionaries,
etc. Well her niece always ends up coming when we leave or members
leave and one day she told Soeur Daval who was visiting that she was
really impressed by all the support the members of the church were
giving Soeur Rouby. She then proceeded to ask for a Book of Mormon and
has started reading it!  So cool. All it took was examples of love
that intrigued this woman to want to know more. I have a strong
testimony that our examples go a long way. People are watching us and
they do notice that we are different.

We got to see Elodie Giaccardi again before I left. She's the less
active that we gave a Book of Mormon to her daughter. She's so great.
We shared the video Because of Him and she seemed touched. I had her
write a little goodbye note in my book and she expressed her gratitude
that we weren't pushy or forceful about getting her to come to church,
but that we really just tried to be her friend and loved her. I know
one day she'll come back, it's just a matter of time.

The rest of the week was full of goodbyes and last meals with members,
it was hard to leave but I'm happy here:) OH GUESS WHAT?! So remember
Soeur Caldwell my trainer?! Her and her family came to Cannes so we
went to lunch! It was such a happy reunion!:)

Well family that's about it, I'll send picture next week cause they
are all on my camera and I'm emailing on the iPad from a little cafe.
You are wonderful, I love you. Keep being great. I know our Savior
lives and loves each one of us, I've felt that recently.  Your
challenge is to read Grateful in any circumstances by Uchtdorf. Have a
great week!:)


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