Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Endure it well

This week was a good one here in Cannes. Hotter than ever but still good.

We had some really cool experiences this week that I would like to
share with you:) On Tuesday we had a rendezvous with a less active, so
I super awesome relief society president offered to come with us. Her
name is Nancy and she is great. So we went to this meeting and it
started out good but then her crazy husband just started trying to
tear down our testimonies and was spitting out so much false doctrine.
I was pretty irritated. But in that moment I have never felt so
strongly that the church is true. This is the true church of Jesus
Christ. He lives and leads His church. Even though it took everything
in me not to freak out at this man, I calmly kept smiling as my
companion and I testified of the truthfulness of the church and
invited this man to really pray. Sadly this meeting was to go see his
wife because she really has some potential of coming back, but he
kinda just made it a mess. Even though it was a not so great meeting,
I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to testify to this man that
this is the true church on God. I know it.
After that crazy rendezvous Nancy took us to see Soeur Rouby the blind
sister in the retirement home. She's so precious and I always feel the
Spirit around her, she's just so close with Heavenly Father.  I'm
grateful for her humble example.
Then we went to pick up Mama Gentil (I think I've told you about her,
she's like the grandma of the ward and 3 of her 5 sons are in our
ward) and headed to Laurent and Sandrine Gentil's house for dinner. I
love this family so much. Being with them makes me feel at home. We
did a family home evening together and talked about the importance of
the Priesthood in our lives. I'm so grateful for the Priesthood in my
life and for the countless times I have received wise counsel or
blessings from worthy priesthood holders.
After the lesson we all ate together and this is where it gets funny.
So Laurent is like hey sisters do you like dr pepper?? Um yes!! So he
brings out some dr pepper which is hard to find and we start sharing
it amongst ourselves. So we gave Mama Gentil a little bit and she just
scrunched up her face and practically spit it out and was like
coughing and freaking out and saying it was poison and it was
hilarious. We then got her to try rootbeer as the kids chanted "Mami
cool, mami cool!" Haha it was one of those moments where I just felt
like we were all family.

Saturday we had a cool experience with the Freund family. They are the
ones who live in like a medieval house and she isn't a member. They
are great and we went there on Saturday to celebrate Soeur Hurd's
birthday. When we were getting ready to leave, Soeur Freund thanked us
for the Spirit that we bring into their home. She told us that when we
come it's so strong, and when we leave it isn't the same. I was really
touched by that. Sometimes I have a hard time feeling the Spirit. I
think it's because as missionaries we try and have it always so it
just becomes kind of normal. But it was cool to see that people notice
a difference. Even though she isn't a member she still recognizes the
Spirit. I'm grateful for the Spirit that leads and guides this work.
Well after the Freunds we headed home but our bus never came so we
waited for a small eternity and then took a bus to a different city
and then a train back to Cannes. Whoo. Although it was slightly
irritating, I'm so grateful it happened! Because of that when we
finally got back to Cannes and started contacting we saw really cool
miracles. We were able to testify to different people that God is
there and He isn't a make believe being but He is living and loves us.
We also met a really cool Jewish couple from Canada who loves Mormons
and they've visited Utah several times and love the motab! They were
so kind and gave us so much encouragement that was well needed after a
long week of walking up and down the streets of Cannes being told no
over and over again. I learned a valuable lesson about patience this
week, we all have challenges and trials, that's sure. But sometimes we
have hard situations so that we can learn to be patient and prepare
for other experiences. I'm not sure why we don't have Amis right now,
or why when we go contacting on the street for hours every day that
still at the end of the day we don't have any new Amis. I don't know
why it's like this, when we are doing all we can to hasten the work.
But I do know Heavenly Father has a plan and I know He is watching
over us. And even if I don't understand it now, I know that if we
endure it well and have patience I'll understand later. And that's
enough for me:)
I love the Savior and I love this work. I know He lives. Have a great week!!:)

Soeur Holmes
Challenge: read Endure it Well by Elder Maxwell, it's incredible.

                                                                            The Gentil Families

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