Monday, March 23, 2015

Saying good-bye to Poitiers

So we got transfer calls and I am emailing you from the beautiful city of Cannes. I literally crossed the mission. 10 and a half hours of trains later I made it to Cannes. I'm in the French Riviera by Nice and Monaco and all that jazz. It's really pretty and I am super excited to get to see the ocean. Also every May or June here they have a giant film festival and famous people from all over the world come to Cannes! So that's pretty cool. My new companion is named Soeur Gerritsen, she is from West Valley City Utah and is super nice and cool. Did I mention that I am white washing again?? Yeah white washing a huge ward and we literally have no idea what the heck is going on. Prayers would be nice:)

Getting transferred was a really bittersweet moment. I spent 6 months of my life in Poitiers. Those people became my family and some of my best friends. I grew up so much there and I learned more about myself than ever before. I watched people change their lives for the gospel and I watched people start to come back to the gospel they once knew. I witnessed families who were falling apart become strengthened through daily Book of Mormon study and prayer. I saw people pray for the first time in their lives and recieve a witness that God lives. I saw miracles. Heavenly Father is a God of miracles, and they still exist today. I was so sad to leave that little city that I loved so much. And if I am being honest I think my heart is still there.

So the last week in Poitiers consisted of a lot of good things! We went to see the valley of monkeys last monday, but it was CLOSED! So we ended up driving around in her car for like 5 hours trying to find something to do, but alas everything ended up being closed. We had a lot of good laughs though and Noemie and I took some killer selfies:)

We also had a really good rendez-vous with the Tu'ungafasi family this past week! The kids are progressing so well and they are just so adorable. The family picked out a scripture to be their theme for the year, so we got to their house and the kids recited it for us and it was so adorable. They love reading the picture book of mormon and going to church. I love them and I will miss them so so much. After the lesson Soeur T fed us like amazing tongan bbq and it was incredible and I loved it.

Sorry this is kind of scattered I am just having a hard time remembering what happened last week haha it's kind of blurry. Saturday we had a relief society activity with the soeurs from angouleme so that was really fun and we ate yummy foods! After that we had a last little dinner party with Joe and Lizette so that was super fun and of course I cried.

Oh! Earlier in the week Arnaud and Noemie came with us and taught with us all day! It was so fun and I am so excited for them to get their calls and start their own missions. They already are amazing missionnaries and I can't wait to start to hear about their own experiences!

Well family that is about it. Hopefully next week will be a better email once I catch my breath:) I love you and I am so proud of you and all you do!

Soeur Holmes

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