Monday, January 12, 2015

The sun came out!!!

I hope you all had a great week! This past week has been slightly interesting but good! All the stuff that happened in Paris was so sad, I'm thankful for our safety here in Poitiers and for the protection the Lord provides for His missionaries.

Yazid is still doing SO well! He seriously is so great. The members are obsessed with him and so excited for his baptism on January 24th. We were able to teach him 3 times this past week and he just took everything in so well, he never has questions, he gives amazing feedback it's incredible! So story! We had a little bit of a scare with him! So we get a text from him last tuesday morning that says, "cancel all of our rendez-vous until further notice, I have some problems to solve." We were so scared that he found out something false about the church on the internet or he heard something weird, we were freaking out. So we try calling him and texting him and he isn't replying. So we just pray right then, and we text our zone leaders to pray for us and they have the whole zone pray for us AND THEN we get a text from Yazid saying it's some sort of financial problem with a friend. PHEW! I mean that still isn't good news but it wasn't anything to do with us or the church so we were so so happy. Later he texted us and said that he prayed and he was feeling better about the situation and could still meet with us that day. So we go to meet with him and he tells us that as soon as he found out about this problem with his friend he just started to pray immediately. After he finished praying he had the thought to look online for a job, he starts looking online, he sees that there is an opening at a store in centreville, so he calls and sets up an interview, he gets interviewed and he gets the job!!!!!!! This built my faith so much! He told us later that that there is a silverlining in every situation and he knows it is because God is with him. He has so much faith. I admire him and I can't wait for him to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Julie! We were finally able to get back into contact with Julie! We couldn't get ahold of her so we decided to just go by her house, so we get there and said a quick prayer and pressed the sonnerie to get into the apartment building, no reply. We then remembered that her sonnerie is broken! But then all of a sudden some lady who lives at this building walks up and opens the door! We went and knocked on her door and she was home, it was a miracle:) she was having a lot of family problems and she had just gotten back to Poitiers, but she was so happy to see us! We prayed with her and as soon as things settledown with her family we will be able to see her!

Aurech!! We were able to see Aurech this week! Praise the heavens cause it had been like 3 weeks and I was getting worried. We had a great rendez-vous with one of our members Noemie who is preparing for her mission. Aurech told us that his goal for 2015 is to live like a mormon:) it's cute. I hope he keeps that goal so he can get baptized asap! He has the strongest desire, it's just the commandments he is having a really hard time with. We'll keep praying for him, he is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission.

Less active miracle! So we have been trying to find this less active named Gisele for the past 3 weeks. We finally found her! We get to her apartment and she tells us that she is pretty busy but we could come in and talk to her while she worked if we wanted. Heck yeah we do Gisele! So we came in and she was getting all kinds of frustrated trying to put together this ikea computer chair. So we ask if we can help and she pretty much says go for it, it's impossible. So she goes and does the dishes and Soeur Zenger and I put together this chair in like 10 minutes, super easy. She comes out and her jaw just drops! She keeps saying "merci, merci beaucoup!!!" She keeps asking how she can repay us and going on and on. It was so cute. She was so excited and she told us that we must be sent from God:) after we prayed and were heading out she told us we were welcome back anytime. I felt very grateful to my Heavenly Father for opening up the heart of this woman who has strayed pretty far from the church. I hope that with the Lord's help we can bring her back.

On Wednesday night we had our young adult activity:) we made hot chocolate and watched the testaments with them. We FAILED at making hot chocolate but it was too fun. How does one fail at making hot chocolate?? We boiled water and kept dumping the mixture in but alors it still tasted like watery dirt after we dumped the whole box in. Whoops. They kept asking us if this is how american hot chocolate tasted hahaha no no, not usually. I love being with the young adults, they have so much light and passion to share the gospel. I think they teach me more than I teach them.

Friday was my 6 month mark! Soeur Zenger is cute and put these adorable sticky notes all over the apartment, we got sushi to celebrate and it was so great! We had a great lesson with Yazid that day on baptism, I know I already said this but I am so excited for him. As I reflect on the past 6 months of my mission it kinda feels like a blinked and all of a sudden it had been 6 months. These past 6 months have probably been the happiest of my life, they weren't easy but I think I learned more than any of my investigators. I've been so blessed to see people change and grow as they put their trust and turn their hearts to the Lord. I've seen myself change as well as I have turned my heart to the Savior. I love being one of His missionaries and I am so glad I still have 1 year to do so.

Sunday was proabably my favorite day of the week. 4 of our investigators came to church. That isn't really common. Yazid, Aurech and his friend Ingrid, and Eric a man we met at a bus stop who had met the missionaries 20 years ago. They all participated so well in the lessons and I saw light in their eyes as we talked about Heavenly Father in our sunday school class. It was a great day. The sun came out for the first time in weeks. Everyone was happy and laughing and taking pictures outside as we soaked in the sun. Frère Meloen said that church felt different that day, we felt like a family. I've watched this little branch struggle, but I think the sun is coming out for them as well:)

 I hope you all have a great week! I love you so much!

Soeur Holmes

                                               My 6 month celebration with sushi of course!!

                                                      Notre Dame des Dunes- our lady of the hill.
                                                      She stretches out her hand and protects Poitiers.

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