Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Hello family and friends!
This week has been chuck FULL of miracles! Multiple a day! It was the coolest week I have had on my mission thus far.
So last p day we went exploring and saw a bunch of really cool old things in Poitiers and then we went shopping for winter gear with a recent convert named Laurence! She is so cool and has such a strong testimony. But she helped us find some good stuff (yes mom I bought a coat) and then we went and got sushi with her after and just tried to strengthen her confidence. She is the only member in her family and she doesn't really have any friends, so it was good to spend time with her and just try and boost her up!
We had a really great experience with one of our recent converts Catherine and her soon to be husband Christian! They were only baptized like 4 months ago and are the coolest couple! They are adorable and just so in love and they are so stoked to get married in the temple! She talks about it all the time, shes like "When we get married in the temple on August 14th 2015 at 2 in the Swiss temple!" They are just so excited to be with each other for eternity and they both have really strong testimonies about the gospel. I am really excited for there future. Oh did I mention that they're like late 50's early 60's?? haha they are my favorite.
Later on Tuesday we were just out contacting and we met this really cool guy named Elias, we taught him the restoration and the whole time he just looked so happy and that what were telling him was like something he had wanted to hear for a very long time. We asked if we could pray with him and he's just like "yeah of course! I have never prayed, but I'd like to!" WHAT?!! That doesn't happen every day! So we are going to keep meeting with him once he gets back from vacation. In France people take reallllly long vacations randomly throughout the year for like 6 weeks at a time, luckily he'll only be gone for 2 weeks and then we can meet with him again soon!
We had a great lesson on the importance of prayer with our ami Erwan. The Melon kids taught with us and they are probably my favorite family in our branch! They are so cool and they have such a strong desire to share the gospel with others! So Erwan, he knows it's important, but he just has this weird reasoning behind prayer and that all of his thoughts are a prayer to God so he doesn't think he needs to actually pray. False Erwan. Hopefully he will grasp the concept as we teach him more.
THEN we had Soirée Sushi!!!!! So every wednesday night we have young adult fhe with our amis and the young adults in our branch and it's always the best thing ever! So remember our Chinese friend Songyu that we met on the bus last Sunday?? Well she came! And she brought her roommate Sophie! It gets better, then one of our young adults named Junior just met this guy at the bus stop and brought him along too! AND THEN our ami Ange who we haven't been able to meet with in weeks just shows up!!!!! So we had 4 amis and it was so cool!!!!! We all just made Sushi and had so much fun! Then at the end of the soiree we shared Alma 7:10-16 with everyone and we gave Sophie and Songyu a Bom in Chinese and they were so excited to read it! It was seriously the biggest miracle!
We contacted two really cool people who are super interested in the gospel and we set up rendez-vous' for this week with them!
Later that night we had another giant miracle with our ami Aureche! So Aureche has a baptisimal date for November 1. Like sooo sooo sooo soon!! And we just weren't super sure where he was at with his testimony cause he was just being kinda weird. But we were able to have an awesome lesson with him!!!! Good news is that he has a testimony and still wants to be baptized but he just "isn't sure yet" we promised him that as he keeps praying and studying that he will be ready cause HE KNOWS IT'S TRUE. We just keep praying that everything works out for him to be baptized in two saturday's! Please keep him in your prayers!
Had another miracle lesson with our ami Julie! She is seriously so cool and from the islands! She was just like "yeah there are so many churches and I just haven't found peace at any yet and then I heard about yours and I got really interested!" CAUSE IT'S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha we had the best lesson and she just accepted everything we taught and she accepted to be baptized!! She was just staring at the Bom and just running her fingers over the leather, I got chills and just knew that she knew it was true. We'll keep teaching her and fix a date next time!
Saturday was kinda crazy! So we're on the bus heading to go see a member who lives kinda far and Soeur Caldwell turns to me and she's like "hey contact that guy across from you" and I was like "umm ok, it's kinda awkward cause the bus is SO loud and he has one of his headphones in..." but I just turn to him and I'm like "Excuse me, excuse me!" Finally he looks over and everyone on that bus is just staring at me and it was so awkward, BUT he was interested and we are going to teach him more next Sunday! It was really cool. I learned a good lesson that day about being diligent even when you just want to enjoy the bus ride and watch the sunset. If I wouldn't have contacted him we would have missed an opportunity to bring someone closer to the Savior, and that would have been really sad. I'm glad Soeur Caldwell followed that prompting and pushed me to do something even though I was a little nervous. The Lord is aware of all his children, I'm sure of it.
Not only was church amazing as always, but we had another miracle! On the way to church we just start talking to this guy on the bus named George from Russia. He has no family or friends and is just all alone. We started talking about the gospel and invited him to come to church with us right then! He was like "yeah I'll come!" So he came to church with us! We were able to teach him a little more with our branch president and he seemed super interested! We are going to meet with him again on Wednesday!
This week was truly a week of miracles. Heavenly Father blessed us so much. Those blessings come from being diligent and working hard. By the end of the week I was exhausted, but so happy. I love being a missionary. I love my calling even when it's hard and I am tired and hungry and sick of people saying no. Each time someone says no it's confirmed to me how true this gospel is. And each time someone says yes the same confirmation happens. How sad would our lives be without this amazing message. I am blessed to know that He lives and that His gospel has been restored to the earth today. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and he is guided and inspired. I love this church. I love all of you!! Thank you for your prayers, please pray for Aureche! Have a good week!

Sister Holmes

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