Monday, October 27, 2014

Elder Kearon is coming to town!!!

Hello everyone!
I hope you have had a great week! This week has been so good. I mean it wasn't as intense as last week, but hey it's ok! You can't expect those kind of things every week!

So remember Aureche our ami who is getting baptized on Nov 1?? Well he is progressing super well! We had a little heart to heart with him trying to get him pumped and ready for his baptism! He is just worried that he isn't ready or that he won't be good at keeping the commandments. We promised him that as he really prays and has faith that everything will work out. He is still kinda hesitant, but I know that everything will be ok, even if he gets baptized on the 8th. Your prayers are appreciated:)

We also had another killer lesson with our ami Julie! She is AWESOME!! She is the one from Guadeloupe! (spelling for that anyone??) She is so cool. She is one of those people who is just so prepared for the gospel, she really just accepts everything we teach her and is so open and sincere. We taught her the plan of salvation this week, which is probably my favorite thing to teach people. She loved the idea of living with her family forever, she was like, I am going to teach this to my family. YES JULIE YES!!! She wants to get baptized, so we will be getting a date super soon! Stay tuned!

So a couple conférences ago Elder Kearon of the 70 gave a really good talk! Here is the link,
It was the one about stepping on a scorpion, ringing a bell for anyone?? Well he is coming to our mission to talk at Zone Conference! We are so excited to hear from a general authority! But something else crazy is that the assistants asked Sister Caldwell and I to sing a duet for Zone Conference! Talk about nerve racking!! Hopefully everything goes well! But mostly I am excited to hear Elder Kearon talk cause he has a cool accent:)

The rest of this week was filled with a lot of contacting and teaching lessons on the street. It was really good, it's funny because I actually really like street contacting! I kinda like just walking up to strangers and talking to them about the gospel, it's always interesting and it's cool to see people really open up.

I hope you all have a good week! I love you so much! This is the true Church. I'm sure.

Sister Holmes

While teaching Aureche, in the closing prayer I tried to say thank you for his faith which is "merci beaucoup pour sa foi" instead I said "merci beaucoup pour SON foi" which means thank you so much for his liver. hahahahahahaha

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