Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best ice cream ever!!!

Bonjour ma famille!
So transfer calls came and I have been transferred to Poitiers! And let me tell you, it's GORGEOUS! And the best part is that Soeur Caldwell and I are staying together! We are white washing here in Poitiers, it used to be part of the Paris Mission, but now it's in ours and they haven't had sisters here in over 10 years!!! Crazy right?! So we kinda have no idea what is going on cause we are the only missionaries here, but I am sure we'll get the hang of things soon! I'm sad I won't get to finish watching Henriette progress to baptism, but I know she'll be in good hands.
So this last week was a tiny bit crazy haha but it was good! We did a lot of contacting which is pretty normal cause France, but it was a miracle week! We contacted so many people who were actually interested! That never happens. But we set up some really great rendezvous' but then we had to end up going to Pau from Thursday to Monday! So we didn't get to meet with any of the people we set up meetings with! Sad right?? But the new elders in Tarbes should be able to meet with all of them and take care of them!
So we spent from Thursday to Monday in Pau. We had district meeting and just a bunch of other stuff so it was easiest that we just spent the rest of the week in Pau instead of Tarbes. Pau is so pretty and big! Tarbes was pretty small so it was kinda fun to get a taste of a bigger city and to be in a place with other missionaries! So it was really great. District meeting was great as usual as we continued to learn how to be master teachers and to treasure up the word. We also practiced teaching the lessons which was good, cause I could use all the help I can get with French. And one of the best parts was that we had Taco Thursday! My district knows how much I miss Taco Tuesday so our DL decided that we would have Taco Thursday! Ahh it was so great!!
The rest of the week in Pau was great as well, we contacted quite a bit and actually found a new amie! Her name is Effigenie and she is from Synagogue and so cool. She just moved to Pau and was looking for some comfort and friends! (Know of any churches that offer that???) BOOM I DO!!!! So we taught her and she agreed to continue meeting with the sisters in Pau!! It was so great!
On Saturday we had Samedi Sport which is so fun!! It's where each Saturday they play soccer with their investigators and members in Pau. Ok let's all take a second to remember how good I am at sports hahahahaha Oh my goodness it was hilarious. I was wearing my Usu shirt so a bunch of the amies just kept saying "Utah!! Hey Utah!!" In their cute little French accents, every time I missed the ball or did something funny. It was so much fun and so great to meet so many cool people. Then that night we went street boarding with the Pau elders. Pretty much street boarding just means that you have a big board that says something cool on it about our church and you just contact EVERYONE. It was a lot of fun and we taught some great lessons. Then after we all went and got ice cream THE BEST ICE CREAM I HAVE EVER HAD at this cute little blue van behind this gorgeous cathederal. It was great.
Sunday we attended church in Pau and it was so good. Their ward was awesome and so cool! They even fed us after! We then just repacked a bunch of stuff to get read to head here to Poitiers!
We arrived here yesterday and I already love it! I guess when the branch found out that sisters were coming they just cheered and went nuts!! We have had so many members already call and text us to welcome us! I am so pumped to serve her. Today we had a lesson with a two recent converts Christian and Catherine! They got baptized a few months ago and are going to get married in the temple in a year! They are awesome and so kind! I actually understood most of what was happening in the lesson so that was great news! I can tell I will love it here.
Thanks for all you prayers and love and support! I am so happy to be here on a mission and to witness miracles all the time! Have a good week everyone and get ready for conference! I am so pumped!!
Love you,
Sister Holmes 

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